Week In Preview – April 3rd, 2017

Happy April!

Hopefully you all enjoyed the April Fool’s joke we had and didn’t try to cancel your membership for fear of all the burpees!

Keep your eye out for the newsletter and athlete accomplishments for March.  If you didn’t get in your own accomplishment or one for someone else, it’s not too late to send them to [email protected].

While it’s fresh on our minds and before the end of the month, congrats to ALL the racers this weekend!  We had some people do amazing things in completing the relay, half-, and full-marathons this weekend, and even one completing an ultra of over 70 miles.  You guys are all killing it!  Recover this week and let’s kill it again!

This weekend is the CFK Games!  Come throw down to see who is the fittest around!  If you haven’t signed up, e-mail [email protected].

What’s in your week??

Monday – Leg Day No Squats

All legs today, but no heavy squatting!  Three rounds with box jumps, pistols, and moderately heavy deadlifts.  This should be a very fast paced metcon.  We’ll have plenty of scaling options for pistols, so show up and try some out!

Tuesday – Tank Top Tuesday is Back!

Get out those tanks, guys and girls!  We’re working those guns today with some push press, strict pull-ups, and handstand work.  Get ready for a shoulder and lat burn!

Wednesday – All Out Intervals

Two minutes of work and two minutes of rest between double-unders, unbroken wallballs, and then max calorie row.  Get through the first two movements quick and get as many calories as you can before time runs out!

Thursday – Work Fast to PR!

This one is a little different!  We’ll start a 20 minute clock, then go through 5 rounds of power cleans and burpee pull-ups.  The faster you finish the more time you have to build to a 1 RM power clean before the clock runs out!

Friday – RED Friday Liam

Liam begins and ends with an 800 m run with a 45/25-lb plate carry.  In the middle it’s Murph style:  100 T2B, 50 Front Squats at 155/105, and 10 rope climbs, break it up however you want.

Saturday – CFK Games!

Gather at the West gym for the 2017 CFK Games!  It’s going to be a blast with some killer workouts to find out who the fittest of the gym is.

Hope to see you at the CFK Games on Saturday!  After the Open and the races, it’s time to start setting some goals!  Think about what you may want to achieve in the next few months and talk to a coach about it.

See you on the floor.

-Coach Scott

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