Week in Preview – April 30th, 2018

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” — George Bernard Shaw



Congrats Runners!

We had a lot of athletes running in multiple states this weekend!  Give them a high five next time you see them!


Dogwood 5k – Amanda Hardcastle, Amy Kouvas


Derby 1/2 Marathon in Louisville, KY – Roch Moning, Lauren Von Ohlen


3 Sisters 12 Hour Ultra  in Maryville – Kim Brophy


Promised Land 50k in Virginia – Marianne Hitchcox


Congrats everyone!



SunzOutGunzOut 2018 is finally here!  If you’ve had any confusion, yes the Murph Prep is part of that.  It’s all rolled into one!  We’re very excited to start this challenge and we’ve got an app for it!  We already sent an e-mail last week outlining how to download the app.  Below are the instructions; please follow them from beginning to the end.  If you jump to the end and download the app and try to sign in, you won’t be able to.  Register first!

  1. Go to http://sunzoutgunzout2018.wodifyrise.com
  2. Feel free to read all the information.  There are lots of details about the challenge as well as an FAQ section!
  3. When you’re ready, click “Register” at the top of the page
  4. Select 1 ticket (it’s free)
  5. Before you enter all your details, there is a big red button that says “Sign in to your account”.  Hopefully you remember your Wodify e-mail and password!  If not, there are a few extra steps to reset your password for Wodify.
  6. Once you are logged in there it will ask you to accept terms, then just accept!
  7. If you’re on your smartphone already it will prompt you to download the Wodify Rise app and log in.  Please do this ASAP!
  8. If you’re NOT on your smartphone, you can search the app store or google play for Wodify Rise and download the app there.
    1. You CANNOT register for the challenge from within the app.



SOGO Challenges and Points


We’ve published a lot of materials about SunzOutGunzOut this year, so it may be hard to keep track of everything!  Please read the outline on the registration page and the FAQs near the bottom and most of your questions will be answered.  Here’s another brief outline:


We will be tracking points for all the things you do!  Using the Wodify Rise app should make this very simple.  You could accumulate over 300 points by the end of the challenge if you do everything plus some of the bonus point opportunities.  Why track your points?  To hold yourself accountable AND to evaluate where you are.  We score WODs that are measurable, observable, and repeatable to see where we stand and how we improve, and the points for nutrition, sleep, hydration, and workouts does the same thing for us outside of the gym.


Nutrition and the habits formed outside of the gym will be the hardest part.  But they are also the ones that help make the biggest change.  Make sure to check out this post about nutrition and the various levels if you haven’t already.


Each week we will add a physical component to be performed outside of class time.  Any work we have programmed for the warm-up or workout doesn’t count!  But you can throw some reps in here and there, and of course show up early/stay late to get the reps in.  Week 1 is easy and it is….


Test/retest pull-ups for the CFK Pull-up program + 1 pull-up workout from the program AND complete a 20 min run, 30 min bike ride, or 45+ min walk/hike.


Each week you will be completing these tasks.  You will not have to retest your pull-ups every week, but simply complete 2 days of the CFK pull-up program.  The run/bike/walk/hike is intended to get in some long, slow distance training for increased aerobic capacity.  We encourage you to get these in on a Saturday or Sunday, and you can go it solo but we also encourage including friends and family.




What do you get points for?


Food – up to 5 points a day, depending on how you rank yourself.  Be honest!  This is to help you evaluate and improve.


Battle Buddy check ins – accountability is key.  Pick a battle buddy or 2 to hold you accountable and for you to hold accountable and check in with them 2 times per week.  2 points per week for this.


WODs and WOD Journaling – limited to 6 points per week (1 per day) for each of these, you can get to the gym, do a WOD at home, or get in a travel WOD to get your points in.  You also get a point for logging your performance in Wodify.  We can never know if we’re improving if we don’t have a history of this.  If you’re doing a home/travel WOD, simply change the program from ‘Crossfit’ to ‘home workout/skill work’ where you would normally log into a class and log in that way.  You can also add performance that way by clicking ‘add performance’ and searching through the weightlifting or metcons.


Core 4 Stretches – get 1 point per day that you (7 per week) for performing CFK’s Core 4 Stretches.  We will be uploading a video this week to show you what they are, but we’ll also perform them in class.


Sleep 7+ hours – This one will be a major challenge for most of us!  We have busy lives, but sleep is one of the most important recovery tools.  Get 7 hours or more of solid sleep and get a point.  If you can’t do it every day, that’s okay, but shoot for it!  Go to bed a little earlier, prep things the night before to get an extra bit of sleep.  You can do it!  1 point per day, 7 per week.


Hydration – Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day!  1 point per day, 7 per week.  Add some sort of electrolyte like pink sea salt to make sure you’re actually hydrating and not just flushing your system.


SOGO Accessory work – Each week we’re adding more challenges, this week begins with pull-ups and cardio.  Complete ALL of the work every week and get 5 points per week.


Complete all of those every week and get 300 points!  Can’t make it all happen?  We will have bonus point opportunities along the way!  The first one will be this weekend with Girls On The Run 5k!


The Week


Monday – Marathon Monday


Get ready for some running today!  No, you won’t run a full marathon, but alternate between sets of 26 with a variety of movements and 400 m runs.  Push-ups, kettlebell swings, sit-ups, deadlifts, air squats, and box jumps will all be on the docket for today!


Tuesday – Ring of Fire


Start off the class working to a heavy squat snatch.  Work on catching in the bottom today!  Follow up with a metcon similar to Amanda.  9 min AMRAP of 1 ring muscle-up, 1 squat snatch, then 2+2, 3+3, until you run out of time.


Wednesday – Full Circle


Big cardio day!  Row, double unders, and shuttle runs.  If you trip up on double unders a lot, scale it down a bit to make sure you can keep moving.


Thursday – Squat day!


Here’s our chance to test a new heavy set of 5!  Try not to miss it.  Remember, solid form on these.  No ugly squats.


Friday – Surfer on Acid


Simple and fast on this one.  Three rounds of 400 m run and 21 burpees.  What is the fastest pace you can hold without blowing up?


Saturday – Century Club


Teams of 3 for today’s WOD, complete 100 of everything:  row, box jump overs, power snatches, thrusters, chest to bar pull-ups….and then back up the ladder!