Week In Preview, April 26th, 2020

“Obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”

Weekly WODs:

Two Ways to Win While We’re Away

CFK Power and CFK Go

Regardless of which track you’ve been following both workouts can be viewed a night in advance from Wodify. If you don’t have access to the Wodify app our workouts can be found on our YouTube playlist under their respective program. These videos include detailed movement demos and workout walk-throughs. Here’s a link to both programs!

Click Here

Both CFK Power and CFK Go (descriptions below) can be adapted to whatever equipment you have available at home.


Monday – Max Rep Monday

We start the week with a three piece workout that includes strength, conditioning, and a core finisher. We begin our strength session with overhead unilateral movements. Our workout is segmented into 1 minute work intervals for each of the 4 movements we will be performing. We have thrusters, sit-ups, dumbbell sumo deadlifts, and tuck jumps for our conditioning piece. We’ll finish today’s session with a 5 minute core finisher.


Tuesday – Triple AMRAP

Dumbbells, kettlebells, and backpacks are all welcome to our strength and conditioning workout for day 2. We have a triple five minute AMRAP with built in rest for today’s sweat session. Our home workout for today includes double unders, power cleans, and pushups.


Wednesday – At-Home Handstands

Ready to get inverted? Our strength session today gives you an option of a pike hold or handstand hold.We will also performing crossbody mountain climbers and jumping lunges. We have a 20 minute booty burning AMRAP afterwards that consists of glute bridges, jumping jacks, burpees, up-downs, and lunges. Bring a roller, this one could get spicy!


Thursday – Track Meet

We have an awesome workout planned for day 4! It’s time to channel your inner sprinter in ten rounds of 100-meter sprints followed by 20 air squats. You’ll have 15 minutes to complete all ten rounds, and then we’ll find something to  keep you entertained until the clock runs out.


Friday – Cuckoo Couplet

We have a double 7 minute AMRAP planned for day 5. Our conditioning will smoke your core as well as your lungs! Our workout is an ascending rep ladder of devil’s presses and mountain climbers. Get ready for a good time!


Saturday – Curls For The Girls

Our buy in for today’s workout is a 2 minute AMRAP of suitcase lunges. We  follow it up with a 10 minute EMOM of double-unders and hang dumbbell snatches. Our finisher is an awesome pump session of push-ups, hammer curls, and situps.


Sunday – Sunday Run Day

We have a long workout planned for the end of the week! You can either get after this one with all your might, or use it as a recovery WOD. Our workout consists of longer running intervals, dumbbell deadlifts, sit-ups, and up-down dumbbell jump overs. Don’t forget to finish off with a homemade yoga recovery flow!

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