Week In Preview, April 25th, 2021

“No one session or week of training will make an athlete’s career, but one session or week can break it.” 

 – Vern Gambetta

Your muscle fibers take a beating after tough WODs, and when it’s time to recover sleep isn’t the only thing your body needs. One of the most abundant amino acids found in muscle is Glutamine. Its roles  include being an important neurotransmitter for brain activities and alleviating muscle soreness post-WOD. There’s no secret why high level athletes keep this in their supplement cabinet or gym bag.

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Summer Season Tank Top Prep

If you plan on busting out 200 push-ups during “Murph” then workouts like these will help build the pre-requisite pushing strength. Our workout will be performed at an RPE of 8 to ensure that we are maintaining full range of motion throughout our pressing movements. Our twelve minute AMRAP includes the sumo deadlift high pull, dips, and an ascending distance run.

We have a 15 minute EMOM of rowing, med-ball squat cleans, and sit-ups. Athletes should focus on achieving full extension of the hips before receiving the med-ball in the squat clean.



Crossfit  –  Hot Seat

Our for time workout will require athletes to pick a light weight they can move quickly with through large sets of thrusters. The load on the bar will most likely be lighter than your “Fran” weight and should allow you to complete 15-20 reps unbroken. Our workout also includes rowing, double-unders, and post-WOD sweat angels.

We have another 15 minute workout today in the form of three five-minute AMRAPs. Athletes should expect to light up the glutes as they perform sumo deadlift high pulls, kettlebell lunges, and double-unders.



Crossfit  – Intensity Check

Today’s scoring will be the difference between the fastest and slowest set of our interval workout.  We have Russian swings, lunges, and biking. Our goal is to test our gears and find the highest level of intensity we can maintain across all the rounds.

One dumbbell, one mission. Our workout today includes a single dumbbell, burpees, push press, and running.
Crossfit – Gymnastics Skill Day

We begin class with a skill session devoted to a tricky movement used in the workout. We are combing 1 pull-up with 1 toe-to-bar. Since this movement requires great control of our dynamic gymnastics postures we’ll take some time to learn it. Our conditioning workout includes burpees which will elevate each athletes heart rate and make the high-skill gymnastics movements even more challenging.

Today’s class is two rounds of “21-15-9” style conditioning. We have kettlebell swings, sit-ups, and box jumps.


Crossfit  – Manion

It’s time for our annual Travis Manion WOD we’ll be getting after 7 rounds of 29 back squats, dumbbell front squats, or air squats followed by a 400 meter run after each round.

Burn will also be honoring the fallen on Red Friday as we complete 7 rounds of 20o meter runs and 29 air squats. If you are new to Burn, or are coming back from some time off of training scaling is absolutely critical. Feel free to reduce the reps or distance on the run to ensure you get a great workout, but not put yourself in the pain cave.


 8am Crossfit

Today’s workout is a slow cooker we begin with a 4k bike or 2k row followed by ring muscle-ups, and sit-ups.  Level 2 will have an added skill work session of ring muscle-ups to dial in positioning.

The med-ball power clean is a clean and not an arm curl! We’ll have plenty of time and reps in today’s workout to improve our technique with the med ball power clean and one of its most common movement flaws. We also will be running and busting out some push press with the med-ball.