Week in Preview April 22nd, 2019

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger


Supplement Spotlight – Transparent Labs BCAA/Glutamine

Its all about recovery. BCAA Glutamine is known to improve glucose metabolism by increasing glucose uptake in the muscles. It can be used to reduce fatigue and muscle damage while increasing muscle growth by stimulating protein synthesis. It comes in Strawberry, Green Apple, Blue Raz, Sour Grape, and Orange. You know you want to try one!

Monday – Black and Blue

Before we get started in this couplet of burpees and power cleans, we’ll work on our Touch-N-Go Power Clean. Focus on controlling the weight today. As the bar gets heavier, our tempo should go down. In preparation of Murph, we’ll finish the day with pull-ups.


Tuesday – Bad Blood

With 15 minutes of work, you complete wallballs, push press, and accumulate calories. Our goal on this day is to maximize repetitions and rest through smooth pacing.


Wednesday – Squat Day

Its week one of the new cycle, so lets focus on finding our 5RM. If you’re not changing squat variations, then lets see if you can beat last weeks squat. The day will conclude with pull-ups and core work. Beach season is right around the corner, so don’t skip out.


Thursday – Christine

We did this workout back in the fall of 2018, so this is definitely an opportunity for growth and improvement. You complete a row, box jumps, and deadlifts for time.  We’ll follow up Christine with about 4 minutes of push-ups.


Friday – TNT

Dynomite! This triplet is sure to tax the grip with Power Snatches, Power Clean & Jerks, AND Thrusters. You’ll have the same weight on the bar for all three movements, so lets choose a weight based on your limiting lift. Aim to control the bar on the way down and protect those thighs.



Saturday – Community

In this 18 minute AMRAP, you’ll complete burpees and stiups with a run buy-in each round. The reps go up each round, so start out with a smart pace. Maintain a run pace similar to your 2 mile pace.



Level 2 – Tip Toe

Similar to our Community WOD, we have core work, burpees and running, but this time its with Toes to Bar.


This is a fun day for skill work! We’ll find some balance with our Turkish Get Ups, and spend some quality time with an EMOM of Kipping Ring Muscle Ups. Check out this video on the kipping ring muscle up here!


This is a great day to get in early and knock out your crossover symmetry.