Week In Preview, April 18th, 2021

“It is what we know already that prevents us from learning.” 

 – Claude Bernard

Travis Manion Memorial WOD

At CFK, we support veterans and their families. Over the years we have contributed nearly 11,000 dollars to the Travis Manion Foundation which is used to assist our heroes and their families.

This year we continue our tradition of support by performing the annual Travis Manion WOD. Show your support by registering online and participating with other CFK athletes on Friday, April 30th at both gyms.


Want to make a donation, but can’t participate?

A donation jar will be at the gym kiosk the day of our gym-wide event (April 30th). All of the proceeds will go towards the TMF.

Want some TMF Swag?

To receive a shirt for the event make sure to register HERE.
**Remember our event will occur 1 day prior to TMF website date of May 1st


Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Balance Your Wheels

The majority of exercises in Crossfit are performed in double leg stance with the exception of movements like pistols, step-ups, and lunges. Weaknesses in single leg stance present themselves through shaky knees descending into a pistol or being unable to maintain a tripod foot in a lunge. Today our strength and conditioning will focus on single leg stability as we perform Bulgarian split squats, lunges, hang power cleans, and wall balls.

Be sure to stretch your hamstrings after today’s class. We have an ascending ladder of suitcase deadlifts, ring rows, and bike calories.



Crossfit  – The 72

You’ll have 7 minutes to complete the first section of today’s chipper. Our long grind session begins with 72/58 calories on the bike followed by toes to bar, renegade rows, and burpee bar muscle-ups.  Our public service announcement for today’s workout is not going “all in” on your toes to bar and renegade rows. In the words of  Coach Johnny, “Take your breaks when you need to not when you have too”.

We have four sets of 4 minute working intervals. You’ll need to earn your rest as you complete a running interval, sit-ups, med-ball hang squat cleans, and burpees. 



Crossfit  – Benchmark WOD “Ava”

Your legs will feel slightly heavy during your running intervals in today’s WOD. We have a couplet of high rep barbell ground-to-overheads and 4oo meter running intervals. If you’re trying to PR your 400 meter run on the first running interval you’ll be in a bad place when you get back to the barbell. Train smart on this long haul workout!

Burn athletes are getting a one way ticket to the gain train in today’s conditioning. We have an alternating EMOM of box jump overs, alternating lunges, box dips, and rowing. In the words of Robert Frank, “Swoll is the Goal, size is the prize”.



Crossfit – Glorious Glutes

Our workout is 3 sets for quality of dumbbell floor press, strict pull-ups, and barbell sumo deadlifts. Our 6am athletes at North love a good finisher especially if it involves a good ole glute bridge.  Our finisher is 100 single dumbbell glute bridges for time. If you have gluteal amnesia this will wake them up!

Today’s workout is Annie-ish with a Russian twist. We have a descending ladder of Russian Swings, sit-ups, and double-unders.



Crossfit  – Doubles In, Doubles Out

Our buy-in and cash-out style workout begins with 100 double-unders.  Between the buy-in and cash-out of today’s workout athletes will complete handstand push-ups and sit-ups. You’ll find that it’s quite hard to stabilize yourself on the wall when your midline is roasted.

Today’s alternating fourteen minute AMRAP will test your lungs and grit. We have an alternating EMOM of rower calories and devil’s press.  If you’re not sweating bullets after this one you did it wrong!



 8am Crossfit – Saturday Squats

Get your barbell and get your buddies! We have an awesome leg scorcher in today’s strength and conditioning. Our strength segment for regular Crossfit will include a complex of 1 squat clean and 1 hang squat clean. It’s a perfect day to get comfortable receiving the barbell in the hole. Our conditioning piece is five 3 minute intervals of sprints, box jump overs, and hang squat cleans.

10:15am Crossfit – Level 2*No Leg Protection, No Rope Climbs

Level 2 will complete the same workout as 8am, but have an added strength piece of legless rope climbs, walking lunges, and L-sit holds. Be sure to wear your protective knee or shin guards if you plan on climbing. We love to keep the ropes clean and can’t do so without cooperation from athletes.


Every crossfit athlete knows that when there is a short time domain things are about to get REAL! Our workout today is three 4 minute AMRAPs of wall balls, push-ups, and 50 meter sprints. It’s a good idea to bring an extra set of triceps to the gym today.