Week In Preview, April 11th, 2021

“Average players want to be left alone. Good players want to be coached. Great players want to be told the truth.” 

 – Nick Saban

Travis Manion Memorial WOD

At CFK, we support veterans and their families. Over the years we have contributed nearly 11,000 dollars to the Travis Manion Foundation which is used to assist our heroes and their families.

This year we continue our tradition of support by performing the annual Travis Manion WOD. Show your support by registering online and participating with other CFK athletes on Friday, April 30th at both gyms.


Want to make a donation, but can’t participate?

A donation jar will be at the gym kiosk the day of our gym-wide event (April 30th). All of the proceeds will go towards the TMF.

Want some TMF Swag?

To receive a shirt for the event make sure to register HERE.
**Remember our event will occur 1 day prior to TMF website date of May 1st


Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  –  Swings, Dubs, and Sit-Ups

We have a grip cooker on our hands in our hinge heavy workout. We’ll be performing high volume Russian swings, sit-ups, and double-unders. We are looking for a kettlebell weight that we could perform 15 to 20 reps with when fresh.


We’ll be lighting a fire in our quads today as we smash short running intervals, front squats, and dumbbell thrusters.


Crossfit  – Thrusters and Running

Our descending rep ladder of thrusters will make it challenging for athletes to pick up the pace on each running intervals. In the workout, reps will decrease as well as running distances. It’s a sprint to the finish. Bring the heat!


You know you’re in for it when the air bike becomes a welcomed relief. We have a very grip intensive workout consisting of hang dumbbell cleans, suitcase lunges, and bike calories. We also have added time in for a special mobility piece at the end of class.


Crossfit  – Bench Press Session + Dizzy Izzy

There aren’t many things as fun as a good ol’ bro press. Join your buddies for an awesome strength session that combines kettlebell crossbody deadlifts and our globo gym classic.  High heart rates and wall walks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Today’s conditioning might make you feel like you are doing 21.1 all over again.


Today’s workout is a great strength and endurance WOD that will challenge the upper body. We have a higher volume ring row, push-up, and slam ball workout ahead of us.


Crossfit –  Running Intervals, Lunges, and Slam Balls

Endurance athletes rejoice! We have a long one today that we’ll cap at 23 minutes.  Athletes should pick a slam ball that will allow them to complete 20 unbroken slam ball lunges followed by 20 slam balls. The slam balls shouldn’t take anymore than two sets before heading back out the door on the run.

It’s time to dual wield the kettlebells! We have a training EMOM of double kettlebell sumo deadlifts, Russian Swings, and double-unders.


Crossfit  – Pulling Paradise

Our focus for the first half of the class will be nailing the recieving position of the power snatch and ring transitions. In our workout,  athletes will have the choice of performing either burpee pull-ups or ring muscle-ups. Other movements in today’s conditioning include hang power snatches and rowing.


We might see some athletes that usually attend regular Crossfit leak into our burn class today because it’s overall gonna be a lot of fun. Our 3 round workout will begin with a med ball run into rower calories, sit-ups, and box jumps.


 8am Crossfit

There’s no need to rush through our workout today. Our goal is to take our time and move well. We have a lot of volume in today’s workout so if you are feeling beat down let’s take a step back. Our squat heavy workout includes all the barbell squatting variations as well as hand-release pushups.

10:15am Crossfit – Level 2

Channel you inner Coach Alex as we spend 10 minutes focusing on the finer points of handstand walk skill development.

We love workouts that sky rocket the heart rate then challenge stability. The transfer effect of this type of training has a large carryover to competitive Crossfit as well as life in general. Our workout today consists of a few spicy bike calories and up-downs. Your last up-down will be followed up with a crossbody kettlebell hold.