Week in Preview – April 10th, 2017

Congrats to everyone who participated in the CFK Games 2017!  We had a blast and saw amazing performances and amazing community.  Thanks as well to all the volunteers who helped make it happen.

With all the excitement and events going on, you may have missed our March Newsletter!  Check it out at this link.  We also made an addendum because Ashley McCloud was originally left off of the list as having completed the half-marathon.  Sorry, Ashley!

The coaches all got together today to discuss the future of CFK and it is BRIGHT!  We’re so excited and motivated to make some positive changes and help our community be the best it can be.

Since we’ve had a ton of activity and recaps already, let’s just get to your week!

Monday – Tabata Mash-up

We have a little bit of strength work in the beginning of class with some step-back lunges, but the conditioning is all about the tabata.  20 sec work, 10 sec rest, alternating between air squats and situps.  This should be a burner!

Tuesday – Tank Top Tuesday!

Get those tanks out, guys and girls!  Gymnastics ring strength at the beginning of class followed by a 12 min AMRAP of handstand push-ups, box jumps, and DB Push Press.

Wednesday – Lat Day

Strength work with barbell rows.  Try to focus not just on pulling with your arms, but use your back!  Twist the bar apart, drive your pinky into the bar, and feel those lats turn on as you pull.  Then hit 10 rounds of pull-ups and double unders.  One catch with the unassisted pull-ups:  only traditional gymnastics kipping!  No butterfly!

Another side note to this workout:  We are super proud and stoked for everyone who got their first pull-up in the Open and went on to do kipping pull-ups in the CFK Games, but now that the large competitions are over, let’s return to fundamentals.  3-5 STRICT pull-ups before we start kipping.  This is extremely important for long term shoulder health.  If you’re curious about some progressions for gaining that strength, talk to a coach, but stay tuned to the blog as that will be part of our April Strength Challenge.

Thursday – Squatting and Snatching!

Don’t worry, you get a break from the “squat snatch”.  Today we’re doing 15-12-9 of Back Squats and Power Snatches.  Only 1 bar, but two different weights.  The bar should come from the floor, not the rack, every time.

Friday – RED Friday Test

As always on Fridays, we Remember Everyone Deployed.  We say that “we work a little harder and complain a little less.”  This RED Friday is in many ways atypical of our traditional hero workouts such as Liam, Badger, Holleyman, or Murph, but the suck will still be the same, and the temptation to complain may be the highest ever!  But we still want you there.  This is the most commonly programmed workout from crossfit.com.

We’re running a 5k.  You heard it right.  Come to the gym, get thoroughly warmed up, go over scaling options (yes, we will have scaling options), and get a benchmark time for your 5k.  This is an excellent test of aerobic capacity for our general population of CrossFitters.  We have plotted out a 5k at both locations and will be there to cheer you on and stretch you out after.  We may even have some water stations!  We truly look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Saturday – Partner Day!

You and a partner will complete 5 rounds of 20 hang power cleans and 40 wall balls, but you may break up the work however you choose.  Time frames should be around 20 minutes, so don’t pick weights that are really easy for you and finish in 10!  Challenge yourself today and take a rest day Sunday!

That’s it for your week!  Keep an eye out for lots of great information coming at you through the blog this week!

What about this week’s recipe?  Try out some Slow Cooker Chorizo Mashed Yams!

See you on the floor!

-Coach Scott

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