Thursday, October 4, 2012

My good friends are Crossfitters in San Diego.
They lost one of their team last week in Libya.
His funeral is tomorrow. I was asked to pass this
on in hopes we could do hero WOD in honor of him.
Thanks. – Debra Mayeux

This workout was designed by the USCF coaches to honor
their teammate and mentor Glen Doherty. As most of you
know, Glen lost his life in the line of duty in Libya last week.
He ran toward the sound of gunfire with teammate and
fellow SEAL Ty Woods in a fateful attempt to rescue the
ambassador. We are deeply honored to have known Glen.
He was a rare individual whose absence will be felt for a long time.

Glen was humorous, humble, kind, brutally honest and forthright.
What you saw was what you got with Glen. He was a walking
example of integrity – totally aligned in thought, word and deed.
Not afraid to admit his faults and mistakes, he was constantly
working to improve himself daily. A SEALFITer, CrossFitter, Yogi,
Pilot, Sniper and even Pastor, Glen was a model for the Renaissance
warrior. Glen we will sorely miss you – we are deeply appreciative
of your courage and the example you have set. Rest in peace, teammate. Hooyah!
— Coach Mark Divine
3 minute AMRAP, 1 minute rest
4 Clean & Jerk 135/95
6 Box jumps 24/20
12 Double-unders

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