The Killer P’s- The Roadmap to Success

The Killer P’s help both athletes and coaches make sure they are maintaining mechanics and consistency before intensity. Here at CFK all our coaches are focused on making sure our athletes are moving with sound mechanics and not simply going through the motions. If we all follow the Killer P’s we will be set up for success every single day.

The Killer P’s:








All of our movements fall into one of the following categories pull, push, squat, hinge, lunge, rotation, or gait. Every movement done both inside and outside the gym will fall into one of these categories, often times movements will fall into multiple categories. So we have to make sure that each movement is performed in the correct pattern so that we may improve and build.


All movement patterns can be broken into progressions and regressions depending on the athlete’s abilities. Progression is more challenging whereas regression is less challenging i.e. scaling. We use progressions so that we can maintain the proper movement patterns for any given movement.


All movements have certain positions that must be hit in order for the movement to before performed properly. Think about the starting position and finishing position of each movement. Hitting all the positions of a movement ensures that we get full range of motion and are not cheating ourselves out of gains!


These dictate how the movement should look and feel. Parameters help us make decisions for scaling, speed, and weight,  based on our ability to maintain positions or stimulus for the work out.


Progress or gainz is what we expect and can guarantee if an athlete consistently follows the Killer P’s i.e. the process.


This is a key ingredient. Patience in seeing progress; patience in the addition of weight or difficulty, patience with a compound movement so that accurate timing is maintained, patience with the athlete and/or coach when faced with adversity.




Coach Alex

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