The Killer P’s-Positions


All movements have certain positions that must be hit in order for the movement to be performed properly. Think about the starting position and finishing position of each movement. Hitting all the positions of a movement ensures that we get full range of motion and are not cheating ourselves out of gains!

This is what makes our coaches here at CFK so wonderful- they are there to explain each position for each movement and ensure that each athlete is held to those positions through the entire workout!

From the second the class begins to the very end of class our coaches are focused on guiding the athletes through all the necessary positions to ensure that everyone gets a great workout in and doesn’t hurt themselves.

Each class warm up will consist of generalized movements designed to get your muscles ready to be put to work and increase your heart rate. There is also a specific movement warm up where the coach will break down each movement in the workout for the day. The coach will typically have everyone hyper focus on one specific position in a movement, i.e. in the deadlift it may be flat back. The coach’s goal during this specific movement warmup is to assess where athletes may be having a breakdown in their position so that those breakdowns can be addressed directly to that specific athlete.

Even after “3,2,1, GO!” the coach is constantly assessing each athlete’s positions and offering encouragement as well as correction when needed!

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