The Killer P’s – Parameters


These dictate how the movement should look and feel. Parameters help us make decisions for scaling, speed, and weight,  based on our ability to maintain positions or stimulus for the work out. Parameters nicely brings together the three previous Killer P’s:  patterns, progressions, and positions.

The parameters of the workout/movement are outlined by the coach before the workout begins. This allows athletes to have a good idea moving forward what the workout should feel like but also how they may need to pick weights/scaling options. Parameters also allow the coach to more easily push athletes to move faster/heavier or slow down/scale weights or movements. They use the parameters as a measuring stick of sorts to say, “Hey, we’re not meeting the parameters of this workout let’s adjust so that we do” or ” Hey that looks great you’re exceeding the parameters let’s dial it up a bit.”

Having a coach clearly state parameters for the class as a whole allows athletes to feel confident in what they must uphold to get the most they possibly can out of a workout. Expectations are clear and that allows everyone to have a good time because no one should be wondering if they’re meeting expectations.

Parameters set expectations so there are no surprises and all athletes can succeed and have a successful workout!


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Coach Alex