Matt and Carol

"Everyone has fears and doubts but just walk through the door."

Matt – What led me to CrossFit was frustrations with regular workouts.  You go into a gym to ride an exercise bike or elliptical and you’re supposedly getting gains, but it’s just a gym.  There’s a crowd of people but it still feels like your alone in it.  Here it’s such a community, with coaches who care about your needs and what you’re looking to achieve.

Without CrossFit I wouldn’t have nearly the strength or cardio capacity I have.  When you go to a regular gym you miss out on the class environement where there’s competitiveness.  I’m competitive by nature and even though there’s a lot of people in here I can’t compete with I find the person I can and that pushes me.  You have accountability with the people who come to your class on a daily basis.  People cheer you on and push you and thats what CrossFit Knoxville is all about.  I’ve been to many other CrossFit gyms and this is the best CrossFit community I’ve been in.  Whether you’ve been here for 10 years or 10 minutes you get the high five and you feel like a part of the community.


Carol – What brought me to CFK was my husband.  He was here and loved it, so I came in and I loved it.  I did have some fears and doubts even though I had an athletic background.  I wasn’t sure about all of the movements but the coaches and all the people here make you feel welcome.  All of the workouts are modified or scaled to what you can do so you don’t feel you have to do everything at the elite level.

Now, I am still coming because of the community.  It’s hard to wake up at 4:30 and come to the 5:30 class but they keep me coming.  If you feel like you can’t finish a workout the community and coahces come over and cheer you on.  They won’t let you not finish which is a great thing.  The community cheers you on and is always there for you.  The coaches help you modify and are here for you.  So my suggestion is just step in the door and try it out.

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