Julie Belanger-Roy

"Being the front woman of a metal band is what brought me to CFK."

Julie Belanger-Roy

Metal is a very energetic type of music. In front of a crowd, we need to bring it. Nobody wants to see a singer who gets out of breath while pacing on the stage, or a singer who stands still just singing his/her line. Metalheads want raw energy that will transport them.

After 2 masters degrees and writing way too many essays, I needed to find a sport that would not only get me back in shape, but give me the strength needed on the stage.

I first heard about crossfit from coach Scott. We were studying opera together and he had started crossfit. He was getting awesome results, and I was quite impressed with his determination. When another of my friends also started to tell me about his results, I gave in and finally gave it a try.

Two years later I am stronger than I would have ever imagined. In the past, I would never have contemplated the idea of joining a strongman/woman competition. When the occasion came this summer, I knew that, thanks to Crossfit Knoxville’s awesome coaches, I had enough technique to lift without risking an injury.

After 2 years of crossfit, I also have the endurance and vitality to give the crowd the kind of energy our music requires. My band Gone in April just recently shot 3 music videos in a very short time, with limited sleep. All the hard work in the box helped my body to push through and deliver.

Great teaching of techniques, variety in movements, nutrition knowledge, motivation, discipline, support and a sense of achievement are all things I treasure from my time at Crossfit Knoxville.

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