Team Running or Team Weightlifting


What’s up CFK?!

Two questions for you:

  1. Have you ever wanted to hit that Rx button on a weightlifting workout, but the prescribed weights are just too heavy for your technique?
  2. What about WOD’s with 400m, 600m runs? Do they keep you up at night?

For continuous progress in Crossfit, we must acknowledge our weaknesses and attack.  With focused effort and strong will, we can turn these weaknesses into strengths.  However, Perfect Practice makes Perfect!  Learn to practice deliberately.


Team Running and Team Weightlifting

  1. If your goal is to get stronger and more proficient in the Olympic lifts, coaches Scott and Johnny are here to help.
  2. If you fear running 400 meters more than you fear a North Korean missile attack, coach Nate has exactly what you need!

Check out all of the details on the programs below, and let coach Rick know ASAP if you are TEAM RUNNING or TEAM WEIGHLIFTING! ([email protected])

* There is a 10-person cap per program, so claim your spot now, and if you have any questions, email Scott, Johnny, or Nate directly!   [email protected]

 *  Since we are working two very different energy systems, please don’t sign up for both! Choose your biggest pain point, and address head on! 


4-Week Running Is My Favorite! Program with coach Nate

Cost: $99

Start Date: Saturday, August 26


  • 1-mile test and re-test (Open to all Athletes)
    • Test Day – Saturday, August 26 @ West High School Track
    • Re-test Day – Saturday, September 23 @ West High School Track
  • “Run-Day-Fun-Day” Class (Saturdays at 10am, North)
  • 1-2 weekly speed/endurance workout to be performed at CFK or off-site
  • Weekly skills and drills prescription
  • Weekly mobility prescription


Expected Gainz Pending:

  • Turn runs from a burden into a recovery period!
  • Improve your technique and confidence in running WODs
  • More stamina, fewer WOD breaks
  • Learn to move your feet faster and have fun doing it!
  • Kick some ass and have some fun!


6-Week Weightlifting Is My Favorite! Program with coaches Scott and Johnny

Cost: $149

Start Date: Monday, August 21


  • 2 weightlifting classes/week
    • North – Monday/Wednesday @4 PM
    • West – Monday/Wednesday @6:30 PM
  • Guided open gym time on Saturdays @ 9 AM
  • Weekly recommended scaling and modifications to your WODs


Expected Gainz Pending:

  • Increase technical proficiency in the snatch and clean & jerk
  • Form a better foundation for long-term strength gains
  • Get closer to Rx weights in WODs!
  • Improve whiteboard performances
  • Kick some ass and have some fun!