SOGO 2018: Bonus Points-A-Plenty!

Here are all of the ways you can earn bonus points during #SOGO2018! To register for any of our amazing workshop opportunities, email [email protected]. To register for any of the upcoming races, click the link in the description below. See you out there!

Girls on the Run 5k


What: 5k race for a great organization! Be a running buddy for one of the girls, or run on your own and support Girls on the Run of Greater Knoxville!

When: Saturday, May 5

Where: West High School | 3300 Sutherland Ave | Knoxville, TN 37919

5k Starts: 10 am

After the race: Be sure to stick around for Happy Hair, face painting, and finish line photos!


Mudders Day Madness 5k 


What: 5k Mud Run to support the Harmony Family Center. Join the CFK Team during registration, or run on your own!

When: Saturday, May 12

Where: Montvale | 4910 Montvale Road | Maryville, TN 37803

Race Starts: 10 am


Crossover Symmetry Workshops with Coach Cameron

Registration: email [email protected]

What: Improved shoulder stability and strength for improved posture, performance, and long-term shoulder health.

When & Where: Saturday, May 5 @ 10 am (CFK North); Saturday, May 12 @ 11 am (CFK West)


Running Workshop With Coach Mary

Registration: email [email protected]

What: In-depth coaching from the best running coach around, our very own Mary Cates! We’ll talk technique, pacing strategy, proper warm-up and cool down for improved performance, and run some 400’s!

When & Where: Tuesday, May 8 @ 6:30 pm (Tom Black Track, UT Campus)


Kettlebell Workshop with Coach Jonathan

Registration: email [email protected]

What: Everything you could ever hope to know about one of the best strength and conditioning tools out there, the kettlebell!

When & Where: Wednesday, May 9 @ 6 pm (CFK North)


Muscle-up Workshop with Coach Johnny

Registration: email [email protected]

What: Improve your muscle-up capacity, or learn to do your first ever! Skills and drills to help you master the rings.

When & Where: Saturday, May 19 @ 11:30 am (CFK West)


Baseline Nutrition with Coach Sara

Registration: email [email protected]

What: Just what it sounds like. Low hanging fruit to help jump start your nutrition. We talk carbs, proteins, and fats, how much to consume, when to get them in, and how to do it.

When & Where: Saturday, May 19 @ 9 am (CFK West)


Grocery Shopping with Coach Sara

Registration: email [email protected]

What: Grocery shopping trip with our nutrition coach! She’ll show you how to navigate the aisles, read and interpret food labels,  and which foods to buy organic and which not.

When & Where: Sunday, May 20 @ 9 am (Whole Foods)


Digestion Workshop with Coach Sara

Registration: email [email protected]

What: Everything you need to know about your digestive tract. You can eat the right foods in the right quantities, but if your gut isn’t healthy, you won’t absord those nutrients! There are simple ways to create a healthy gut, and coach Sara will show you how!

When & Where: Saturday, May 26 @ 8 am (CFK North)