Quality Over Quantity

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a Johnny Davis lecture, you know the definition to the word virtuosity. After all, CrossFit Knoxville was founded on that definition.

That may seem a bit backwards given the nature of most CrossFit WODs: fastest time, most rounds, heaviest weights, etc. With that mindset you might think the object of CrossFit is quantity over quality – but that’s not the mindset of CFK coaches.

The coaches at CrossFit Knoxville want to train athletes to obtain the highest power output, but our purpose is to do it in a way that creates a greater athletic adaptation – not just for the sake of going really fast.

Virtuosity is a word we need to all learn and understand at CFK (or just in general). As defined by Greg Glassman, virtuosity means “to perform the common uncommonly well”.  It is a synonym of excellence and is the outward expression of integrity.  To take a simple movement like the deadlift and attempt a flawless rep, striving for perfection while never achieving it, is an application of virtuosity.

Virtuosity is a measurement of quality and is rarely used in sport (with the exception of gymnastics) because sport is more concerned with power, who has the most points at the end, regardless of how they get them.  We find in CrossFit, however, that by training our virtuosity, quality of movement, we reap the most benefit of power, quantity of movement, in the end.

At CFK we have a defined order of importance for our athletes:

1. Technique – How is your posture? Do you have full range of motion? These questions are asked, evaluated and changes are made before we move on.
2. Intensity – Can you move quickly with your technique in tact? No, let’s slow down and readdress technique. Yes, great! Let’s move on.
3. Weight – When an athlete is capable of moving quickly with flawless technique weight can be added for maximum output.

Does CrossFit Knoxville’s training philosophy speak to you? Do you have a million more questions (hey, we’ve all been there)? Stop by either of our locations and speak with a qualified CFK coach and try out 3 classes for free!

We’ll see you on the other side of the bar.

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