Postpartum Prep: Proactive Training for Birth & Healing

The following two Monday’s we will be honored to have Meghan Martinez come to each gym to give a 1 hr information session about CrossFit and moms!  Everyone is welcome, whether you don’t have kids, wanna have kids, already have kids, or are in the process of having kids!  It’ll be some great information.


North:  Monday, Sept 25th @ 6 p.m.

West:  Monday, Oct 2nd @ 5:30 p.m.


See below for more details about the information session and Meghan!


The information in this free session will largely focus on prenatal and postpartum training and mindset. We will discuss a few important physical changes that can accompany pregnancy and birth and impact a woman’s postpartum body.  I will introduce some ways we can prepare women prenatally for a faster recovery as well as assist their bodies in healing postpartum.  Postpartum includes all women who have been pregnant before, regardless of whether or not the baby was carried to term.  It includes women who gave birth hours ago and those whose kids are having kids of their own. Let’s change the idea that women must simply deal with common problems that can appear after giving birth, and instead teach them to understand the symptoms of dysfunction and what to do about it.


Everybody is welcome to attend. Coaches, partners, couples, singles, and of course pregnant or postpartum mammas. You do not have to be a mother to support the mothers in your community. Kids are also welcome, but (based on age) you may need to bring a helping hand so everybody can fully participate.  Bring any tools you will need to take notes.




Hi! My name is Megh Martinez. I am a wife, mom of four, and CF-L2 Trainer. I love coaching and helping people improve their fitness, but I am currently most interested in working with prenatal and postpartum women. I recently moved to town and hope to educate Knoxville women and their communities about how to better serve postpartum goals and needs. I attended the BirthFit Coach Seminar in Denver last month, and I am currently in the application process of becoming an official BirthFit Coach. BirthFit is a movement that aims to educate people about the magnitude of the motherhood transition and provide a space for mammas to be fully supported through that change. During my time in Colorado Springs, I also got the chance to shadow Melissa Hemphill for several months as she taught workshops and postpartum seminars.  Melissa is a member of the Senior Leadership for BirthFit and Regional Director for BirthFit Colorado. With her, I attended a number of educational and interactive events involving postpartum women and birth.  I can’t wait to get connected here and share everything I have learned.


Contact me if you have any questions | @megh.martinez

325.669.7978 | [email protected]