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Tri-Star Weightlifting, Sports Performance, & Compete

All classes are beginner friendly. No experience necessary!

  • Weightlifting

    Develop strength, power, and barbell proficiency with our 3 days/week weightlifting program

  • Sports Performance

    Increase athleticism, power, and resiliency through structured strength & conditioning programming with CFK's Weightlifting & Burn classes

  • Compete

    Train for the sport of weightlifting, with 5 day/week programming designed to increase your maxes in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk

$ 99/mo.

Tri-Star Weightlifting

Tri-Star Weightlifting is a 3 day/week program that focuses on building proficiency with the barbell, increasing general athleticism, and building resiliency (injury prevention).

Programming will incorporate the major lifts (snatch and Clean & Jerk), as well as supplementary squatting, pressing, pulling, unilateral strength, and core work.

All skill levels are welcome, beginner through advanced athlete!

Class Schedule:

  • Tuesday – 5:30 pm, 7:00 pm (CFK West)
  • Thursday – 5:30 pm, 7:00 pm (CFK North)
  • Saturday – 9am (CFK West & CFK North)

$ 129/mo.

Tri-Star Sports Performance

(Includes CFK Burn)

The focus of Tri-Star Sports Performance is increasing general athletic ability and improving performance on the field of play. Athletes receive access to Tri-Star Weightlifting classes (3x/week), as well as unlimited access to CFK Burn classes.

CFK Burn Classes: Programming will include high-intensity conditioning training to supplement weightlifting classes. We use simple but effective movements with moderate weight loading to maximize power output and increase general athleticism.

$ 129/mo.

Tri-Star Compete

The goal of Tri-Star compete is to increase the athlete’s performance in the Olympic lifts, the Snatch, and Clean & Jerk. Athletes will receive 5 days/week programming, get access to CFK’s Tri-Star Weightlifting classes (meet 3x/week), open gym hours, and meet coaching.

Tri-Star compete is for those wishing to increase their max numbers in the lifts, and/or compete in the sport of weightlifting.

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