Open Recap

It’s been a week since our last CrossFit Open workout was released and we want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who helped and/or participated in the Open, and a huge congrats to everyone who did the Open!

The Open is a great name for than just “this is open to anyone who wants to participate.”  It is an eye opener for many of us.

Every year, every CrossFitter has some sort of experience such as, “Holy cow, I can’t believe I did that!” relating to both PRs and bombs.  Maybe you got your first pull-up or first muscle-up, double unders, or a heavy snatch.  Maybe you realized that you’ve been cutting reps short and there was a little more precision involved.

Have you always done power snatches + overhead squat and skipped doing full snatches?

Did you skip a few too many cardio or “lean” metcons in lieu of the strong option or weightlifting day, so your cardio suffered?

Or did you go the opposite way and feel like you could chug along no problem, but the weights were stopping you?

Or maybe the truest of all, did you let your nutrition slack so you couldn’t recover and maaaaybe pull-ups or muscle-ups felt a little harder than they should have?

Whatever the case may be, you did the Open, and that’s awesome!  Perhaps you saw someone else do the Open and you realized you could do that, too and you’re resolved to sign up next year!  Awesome!

So let’s make a game plan!  Pick a few weaknesses.  Don’t say “everything!” because that’s not focussed.  Maybe one thing from each workout, or an overarching theme.  Write it down.  Focus on it.  Talk to a coach about how to get better at THAT thing.  Ask about modifying workouts so you can add in more skill, go lighter to go faster, or go heavier to build strength.

On a final note, the CFK Games are coming up next weekend and it’s going to be a BLAST!  Come out to compete or just cheer others on.  Show off your skills!  After the CFK Games we have many more competitions coming up over the summer, and if you’re interested in some, but not sure how or where to sign up, let us know!

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