March 2017 Newsletter

Greetings all!

Week-to-week you all see the Week In Preview (WIP) with updates about what has happened the previous week, what’s coming up, and everyone’s favorite:  a preview of the workouts to come.

Here we have something a little different.  Many of you have known we have a monthly newsletter for years, but many of you may have never seen it come out!  Here we will share news of upcoming events over the next few months, athlete accomplishments, athletes of the month, and also some bits of information regarding CrossFit, weightlifting, gymnastics, mobility, and many other things.

So let’s start off with those athletes who exemplify our community and devotion to changing their lifestyle to be healthy and happy through CrossFit.

Athlete of the Month – North – Jennifer Black

How long have you been with Crossfit Knoxville? 
Summer 2016 

What got you interested in, or made you decide to try Crossfit Knoxville?

I had just moved to Knoxville and a good friend, Christy Hicks, had amazing things to say and told me I had to try it out with her. 

How has Crossfit Knoxville changed you? 
It’s made me love being an athlete again. I played college basketball and when I graduated, I dreaded going to the gym on my own. Crossfit provides that team atmosphere that I love, amazing structured workouts that are challenging and fantastic coaching! With Cassidy’s nutritional seminars, I have also committed to eating healthier again. Overall, I have changed my lifestyle in the short amount of time I have been coming to crossfit because of the coaches and good friends I have met in classes. 

What advice would you give to a beginner?  

Take it slow, work on the technique and get comfortable with the movements. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The coaches will always scale a workout for an individual so it’s worth coming even on days you are a little scared of the workout.  

What’s your favorite Crossfit movement, and why?

The couch stretch, because the workout is over 😉 … Deadlifts. I feel very comfortable with the movement  

What’s your least favorite Crossfit movement?

Cleans! They scare me!

Athlete of the Month – West – Terry Keltner

How long have you been with Crossfit Knoxville? 

I started Crossfit on June 06, 2015. A morning that I will never forget, rest assured. Who could forget multiple heavy sled pushes in the back parking lot.

What got you interested in, or made you decide to try Crossfit Knoxville?

The perfect trifecta- 1) My husband won a 5 week CFK boot camp certificate 2) I passively mentioned this to a colleague (Corey Wilson) who encouraged me (or I like to say shamed me in to) try it out 3) deciding that I was not going to resign to the fact that high blood pressure, obesity and other illnesses in my family were not hereditary.

How has Crossfit Knoxville changed you? 

Countless ways. For one thing I don’t float to the top of the hot tub anymore, so there’s that. 😉 I now have discernable traps and pecs and lats. What the? I now choose to power clean the 50lb bag of dog food and carry it upstairs like a boss as opposed to awaiting my husband’s assistance. And I voluntarily get up at 4:45am most days. Freak. Seriously though, I am stronger, more confident and so much more self-sufficient than I have ever been in my life. I continue to make new, sincere friendships and have an entire new support system in my life.

What advice would you give to a beginner? 

Let those that can lift more, go faster or go longer inspire you. Its easy to feel discouraged when you see others excelling where you struggle. Let that be inspiration. In a year, you will be someone’s inspiration. Promise.

What’s your favorite Crossfit movement, and why?

This is a hard question. I’d say the Power Snatch. To me,  it is the most technical yet most efficient movement we do and unlike other lifts I do not feel compelled to pile on weight just because I can move the bar. The power snatch has taught me patience and has been a very humbling movement.

What’s your least favorite Crossfit movement?

That rollover V-sit thing you all have us do in the warm ups. Nope.

Congrats to Jennifer and Terry!  And a big congrats also to those on the 20 Committee this month!

Alayna Wardroup Ali Dorsey Alvin Manabat Andy Lorenz 

Becca Bowen Bill Maddox Brad Lokitz Brittany Copeland

Brittney Crump Cameron Rayment Cathy Speck

Cody Cothron Diana Koza Donna Dossett Donna Rosseland

Drew Perkerson Erin Plyler Evelyn Shockley Genn Gladwin

James Hinderer Jamie Becraft Jeffery Dix

Jennifer Black John Stowers Maria Haun Matt Garrett 

Phillip Johnson Rachel Holland Samara Griffin

Savannah Prator Shawn Adams Spencer Smith Terry Keltner


Other athlete accomplishments for the month of February

John Adams recognized for his hard work in the News Sentinel.

Somer Chyz – performed the full WOD on February 3 and gave birth to beautiful Evelyn on February 4th!

Heather England – received Manager Superstars Award for 2016, year over year branch revenue growth (Top 5% of 500 US Adecco branches)

Frances Harrison – Made the travel sand volleyball team as a freshman at USC!

Terry Mull – Got married on February 22!

Caleb Taylor – From Brittany, “I want to nominate Caleb Taylor. All his life his dream was always to be a police officer And make a difference in a the community. Two weeks ago, he finished the whole hiring  process and was offered a job at Harriman Police Department. He starts working there tomorrow and goes to the police academy in April!”

Congrats Caleb!!

And of course, we aren’t perfect and missed a few!  So for the month of January, here are some omissions:

Matt Garrett – Row’d Royalty 5th place worldwide age 45-49!

Maha Abdalla – Row’d Royalty – first ever competition and placed 3rd at CFK West!

Marianne Hitchcox – won her 50 mile race in a time of 8:26:06 setting the female course record and placing 2nd overall male/female.

We know a lot of you have made other big accomplishments already in the month of March, so keep sending them our way or nominating fellow athletes!  We want to hear from EVERYONE who got their first pull-up/muscle-up or anything else in the Open.


CFK is turning 9!

On March 17th, 2008 the first official workout went down for CrossFit Knoxville, the first CrossFit gym in our city.  It’s been an amazing road so far.  Be sure to come out on Friday for the WOD, and especially come out Saturday for Saturday Morning Lights!  It’s the day after St. Patty’s Day and the day after our gym birthday, and it’s 17.4, so it should be an awesome day!  Maybe we can keep the partying going all day!

If you have any fun pictures, videos, or comments from the last 9 years, be sure and leave the comments below or send them to us!

Fix Wrist Pain!

We had a lot of great feedback about the article we shared on wrist pain, so we thought we’d share it again.  Here it is!. Whether it’s handstands, pressing, front rack, or anything else, wrists can hold you back in how much weight you can do or the endurance you have.  So check out the article and get them in check!


Look for more newsletters in the future with even more content!

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