Keep Your Sickness To Yourself!

It’s been a beautiful winter; almost spring-like!  But even though we may not have experience a bunch of cold and snow, we have experienced a lot of the normal sickness associate with wintertime.

Knox County and several other school districts have even closed down due to how bad it’s been!  Many may have wondered:  Is this the opening scene to an apocalyptic movie?

Regular exercise can help build your immune system as it is because your body is used to rebuilding and healing.  During the winter time a great way to boost your immune system is to add in Vitamin D and Probiotics.

And while no one wants to get sick, most of us do get sick!

In the gym environment there is a lot of sweating, a lot of high fiving, and even hugging.  When you’re sick, that can pass a LOT of germs around.  We do have hand sanitizer, we encourage wiping down your sweaty equipment and mats with the sanitizing wipes, but most of all, if you’re sick, we encourage you to stay home and get well fast.

Yes, we know you may feel like you need to sweat it out and get through it, but we have many fellow athletes who have compromised immune systems and any little germ can make a drastic difference in their lives, including hospitalization.

Please, if you are sick, think of the others in the gym.  They probably won’t advertise it, but it can be very scary for them to come in contact with germs.  Think of the cancer patient undergoing treatment; the person struggling with lupus.  You may not realize it, but they’re fighting to be as healthy as they can be already.

If you really want to sweat it out, check out our travel wods!  Most can be done at home or at a park.

Thanks for the consideration, and stay healthy!