January Athlete Accomplishments

The new year saw a lot of CFK athletes doing some amazing things in and out of the gym.  We compiled all the amazing feats that we could find for December of 2016 and January of 2017.  Check out what your friends and workout buddies are doing and give them a high 5!


Ali Dorsey – First 50 mile trail ultra

Karen Rousseau – First 50 mile trail ultra

Bridgett Smith – First 50 mile trail ultra

Nathan Alexander – 50 mile trail ultra

Samara Griffith – Spartan Trifecta, Graduated from Nursing School

Kristy Gay – Third Spartan Trifecta, acquired MBA

Marcus Watson – Graduate from UTK

Shannon Beasley – Competed at American Open for Olympic Weightlifting, ranked top 10 nationally


Jennifer Brody – Key West Half Marathon

Holy Webb – Key West Half Marathon

Kathryn Woodall – Key West Half Marathon

Tricia Cheadle – Key West Half Marathon

Deborah Noe – Key West Half Marathon

Maria Haun – Knoxville New s Sentinel 40 Under 40

Sara Erdner – Row’d Royalty 5th place worldwide (age group 18-29)

Jason Evans – Row’d Royalty 4th place worldwide (age group 40-44)

Jason Collett – Row’d Royalty 8th place worldwide (age group 35-39)

Amanda and Corey Freels – had a baby girl!


And last but not least, the January 20 committee!  Going forward we want to highlight those in the gym who make it to 20 or more classes a month!

Drew Perkerson

Rachel Holland

Janet Jentilet

Cody Cothron

Robert James

Jennifer Black

Mark Inge

Matt Garrett

Bridgett Smith

Michael Selcer

Tracie Worley

Alex Armstrong

Becca Bowen

Bill Maddox

Laurie Lenczynski

Brittney Crump

John Sanford

John Stowers

Phillip Burgess

Rebecca Jackson

Shaun Dunlap

Spencer Smith

Donna Rosseland

Genn Gladwin

Holly Selcer

Reggie Nichols

Tanner Paul

Alayna Wardroup

Alvin Manabat

Brian C. Jackson

Hongdin Loi

Jamie Becraft

Jeffery Dix

Julie Utterback

Kimberley Brophy

Rick Mulholland

Ali Dorsey

Christy Hicks

James Hinderer

Leslie James

Michael Love

Nate Deal

Lots of cool things happening, but we want to know more!  If you have a great accomplishment or know someone in the gym who has achieved something great, please e-mail Coach Scott so we can recognize those accomplishments.

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