Introducing CFK Recovery!

CFK is about quality movement first, that’s why we follow the principles of MCI: mechanics, consistency, then intensity. We focus on the core movements of life and we want your life to be quality. When restrictions are present in one area of the body it will affect the entire action of movement in that connective chain resulting in dysfunctional movement patterns and possible tissue/joint/bone damage if left unaddressed.  For this reason, we have created the CFK Recovery Program.


By Utilizing a combination of manual therapy and movement we will create a much more effective release. This will lengthen and train the fascia and create balance in the body structure.


Movement is a great learning tool for the therapist as well as the athletes.  Through body awareness and manual manipulation, the athlete will gain an understanding of limitations.  With this knowledge and possible corrective exercises, proper posture and efficient movement can be achieved.  Athletes will remove restriction and pain, and performance gains will be a very positive side effect.




Coach Brittney is a licensed massage therapist with a background in dance, pilates, barre, and CrossFit.  Her combination and experience give her a unique perspective and make her perfect for helping a fellow athlete.  Brittney graduated from the Center of Rehabilitative Education (CORE) with a focus in myofascial integration and structural bodywork. Her focused certifications are in Myofascial Integration Structural Technique and  Active Isolated Stretching. She has worked with a variety of people including kids, elderly, rehabilitative patients, and all kinds of athletes from UT Tennis players to Olympic track athletes.  Her understanding of how the body should move in relation to gravity and the functional movement patterns of exercise and life shows in her work.  Her passion for helping people will be obvious from the first session.




To improve performance and well being through movement and manual manipulation by increasing range of motion and body awareness, reducing restriction and chronic pain, and restoring functional movement patterns.




Communication – Clear and full disclosure of pain and injury history, habits, and environmental factors is crucial to success. Through constant 2-way communication, we will find the best path towards improved performance and well being


Cooperation & Accountability – A daily effort and practice outside of your weekly session will be necessary to achieve real change. Hold yourself accountable and perform the homework assigned.


Patience – Dysfunction doesn’t manifest overnight, so neither will functionality. Improved performance and well being may take several sessions and weeks of practice to achieve.




Single Sessions:                        Package Options:

1/2 hr: $45                                   3 – 1/2 hr: $105

1 hr: $75                                       3 – 1 hr: $195

90-Minute: $115




Thursdays   4:30-6:30 PM (CFK West)




Option 1: Email coach Brittney: [email protected]


Option 2: Book through Wodify and pay HERE. Then, open the Wodify mobile app, navigate to “My Appointments”, and book your time slot with coach Brittney!