I Am Not A Natural

I am not a Natural.
I am not a Phenom.
I am not Gifted.
I don’t possess an above average athletic ability.

I work hard. I understand that some positions or movements are not going to come easy. I understand that my training is not a sprint but a marathon. My Intensity is high and I expect great things from myself but my day doesn’t hinge on whether I PR or I have a bad workout.

If I don’t succeed I simply step back and assess the situation.
– Did I miss because of flexibility?
– Did I miss because of a lack of strength?
– Did I miss because I haven’t been sleeping well?
– Did I miss because my mind is elsewhere because “real life” throws rough stuff at me sometimes right before I’m supposed to focus on a workout.

No matter what the answer, I keep coming back over and over. Most of the time with a vengeance to make up for last time.

I have had bad weeks. I have even had a stretch of tough workouts lasting multiple weeks while nursing an injury. It doesn’t matter.

I show up because my bad workouts are way better than sitting on the couch.

I’m getting better everyday by working hard. It may not always be more than last time, but it will be all I can give.

I am not a natural. But the harder I work the closer I come to looking like one.

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We’ll see you on the other side of the bar.

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