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Hot to Trot 5k Training!

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The Hot to Trot 5k on Thanksgiving day is coming up!


This year come out and Crush your first 5k with the CFK Endurance Team!  We will make sure you have the physical tools to finish, but also have a plan for pacing, dealing with the excitement, understanding the flow of people, the crazy CFK Water station volunteers, etc…



5K Training Program designed to peak on Thanksgiving Day 2017 at the Race of your choice





Kickoff Date:

October 28 @ West High School @ 10 a.m.


What you get:

Individualized CFK Program scalings + additional mobility and endurance Wod’s; Track days on Saturdays at West High School @ 10 a.m.



Who this program is for:

1. I have never run a 5k, but always wanted to
2. I have ran a 5k, and want to PR this time!
3. I have a 1/2 or full marathon on your bucket list, but haven’t ever taken the first step
4. I’ve been eyeballing CFK Endurance programs, seen how much fun everyone’s having, but were afraid to jump in!

Who this program is not for:


I already know how to run a 5k effectively and have a plan
I’m ready for a 10k or 1/2 marathon
I’m going to be Volunteering for the Water Table!!!!!


If you fall into the NOT category but love running, we also have personalized programs available in all race distances and would be happy to assist you in achieving your goals! Simply email coach Nate, or coach Mary for details.

* If you love CFK and want to hang out with the coaches and fellow athletes at 7 a.m. on Turkey Day email Rick to get on the Water Table list.  It’s a blast!