Healthier Holiday

The holidays are right around the corner…

and for many this can equal a hurdle for our fitness and nutrition needs. It’s a great time of year but typically brings travel and less time in the gym.  Multiple Thanksgiving dinners, Holiday Parties, Football, etc… bring many obstacles to the journey…


… Fast Forward to the new year when we once again resolve to do better, lose weight, and get in the best shape of our lives.  Terrible Cycle, happens every year.  Forget “winter bulking” and join the Team of 10!  Enter 2018 with Dialed Nutrition and Greater Fitness than you had entering the Holidays!

Healthier Holiday and a Kick Ass 2018!

This is an extremely personalized Experience.  You will have all the tools for a high level of Success!

Cost:  $350

Dates:  November 4th – December 30


Available Slots: 8 of 10


What’s Included:


  1.  Accountability and a Support Team of Coaches and Peers
  2. Kick Off Event with a Nutrition Seminar and fun Fitness/MobilityTest
  3. Pre/Post Fit 3D Testing – ($40 value)
  4. 8 Weeks of Individualized Nutrition Programming from Coach Sara  ($200 Value) – This is designed to not only help you achieve goals but also form a plan that will last long term!
  5. 8 Weeks of Individualized CFK WOD modifications and Personalized assistance from Coach Jonathan – ($200 value)
  6. Travel Workouts with Modifications if necessary
  7. 2 Offsite Team PT Sessions – ($25 each)
  8. Private Facebook Group for support and urgent questions
  9. Finale Event with workout retest (priceless).

Total Value: $465

To register, contact Coach Jonathan ([email protected]) or Coach Sara ([email protected])


Who this is for:

1)  Those looking for a little added accountability and support through the holidays beyond the scope of the everyday class.

2)  Athletes looking for not just a detailed nutrition plan but also personalize Workout Plan (scaling, mobility, goal specific assistance work).

3)  Those looking to come out of the holidays better than they came in and already have a jump on those 2018 resolutions.