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13.1 and CFK

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13.1: That’s the number of miles you’ll run around East Tennessee to complete the Covenant Health Knoxville half-marathon.If the thought crossed your mind but you weren’t sure you could do it, or maybe you’re no stranger to racing and you’re ready to reach for a new PR; this is for you. Fitness comes in many forms and training at CFK prepares us to perform better in daily life, as that’s the goal.  It also helps us to set and achieve goals or take on new challenges. Take the challenge today and come train with us for the Covenant 1/2!


When training for a race as a CFK athlete, there’s often confusion about what to do on which days and many times people end up over or undertraining and getting hurt. The goal is to build an aerobic base, improve running technique, increase speed, and promote the overall flexibility necessary to stay healthy as a runner without sacrificing the strength and power needed for everyday life. Trying to do both on your own can become overwhelming.  A customized program from a coach who’s walked the walk is critical to success.


The CFK Endurance Half-Marathon program is unique because we blend the strength and conditioning components that exist at Crossfit Knoxville with a traditional running program to complement not take away. This isn’t a cookie cutter training program. While you’ll be training in a group, each athlete will be focused on his or her individual needs. The CFK Endurance “Team” aspect and support from your training partners is an added critical bonus. Who doesn’t need a little extra accountability and motivation when things get tough, right?


Your weekly schedules will be designed around individual training needs, based on the current Crossfit class programming (scaling provided for each day you will be expected to attend), and fully customized to your individual requirements.  Whatever your goals, we can help you get to work. 


If you’re still on the fence and have a few questions, shoot me an email and let me help. Training starts in January and I’d love to see you there!

Upcoming 1/2 Marathon Training Program

Cost: $360 +tax ($30/week for the 12-week program)

Non-CFK Members: $600 +tax ($50/week includes 12-week CrossFit membership)

Duration: 12 weeks

How to register: Email coach Mary

(Not currently a CFK Member? Fill out This Form)


What you get:

  • Bi-weekly group training sessions with coach Mary
    • Training sessions will mix short interval, long interval, and time trial efforts
    • Athletes will receive instruction & coaching on running technique, pacing & strategy, mental approach, and mobility necessary to perform their best on race day (see below)
  • Weekly custom scaling for your Crossfit WODs
    • Integrate mixed-modal training with your running in order to maintain and build core strength for faster finish times!
    • Find balance between disciplines to help you become a more healthy and durable athlete
  • Race-Day coaching
    • Everyone needs a helping hand on race day! Mary will be on the course to help you pace, get you water, and cheer you on to the finish!


**If you’re up for the full marathon, please contact Mary directly for an individualized training program sure to propel you to that PR!


Why Technique? 

The way you run directly correlates to how fast you run. Why is this? It’s all boils down to efficiency. The most efficient runners exert the most power with the least effort. If there’s a flaw in your gait, no matter how small, it’s going to compound over the thousands of strides taken in a race, leading to lost power and speed or worse, injury.


Why Mobility?

Mobility and recovery work keep your body healthy and ready for the next training session. Many overuse injuries (plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tendonitis) and acute injuries (pulled calves, hamstrings, hip flexors) can be avoided with properly executed mobility and recovery work. These things aren’t “sexy” or “fun” so few runners will take the time to perform on their own. A coach who holds you accountable in taking care of your body will keep you healthy and strong going into race day.


Why Pacing/strategy/mental approach?

Ever come out too fast on race day trying to “keep up with the crowd”, only to crash and burn during the last few miles? This was likely because you didn’t either:


a. have a plan, or..

b. stick to your plan


If you didn’t have a plan, the first step is developing one. A pacing strategy that will keep you consistent throughout the race with the energy to push the last few miles is hard to dial in. Coach Mary will work with you individually to make sure you’ve got the right plan.


Sticking to your plan is all about mental toughness, which needs to be practiced just like anything else. Sticking to your plan regardless of external circumstances, and knowing how to get back to your plan if you get derailed during the race are tricky skills to develop, but lead to huge success when mastered.


If you’re interested in learning more about our approach to endurance training and other programs offered, click here!