Half-Marathon w/Coach Mary!

Fall Half-Marathon training program w/ coach Mary


If you already know you’re interested, e-mail Coach Mary NOW!  [email protected]


If you’re on the fence, read more!


Whether running is your thing or not, if a ½ marathon is anywhere near your Bucket List, Coach Mary has what you need.  She is kicking off her fall training season, and you need to make sure you are on the list!  This Fall training program will mix the functional training aspect of CrossFit with focused endurance programming, with the end result of minimized training miles, maximized training effectiveness, and faster finish times.


Race Options:

  • Option 1: Chickaumaga Battlefield ½ Marathon (November 11, Chattanooga TN)
  • Option 2: Secret City ½ Marathon (November 18, Oak Ridge TN)

Start Date: Monday, September 4

Program Duration: 10 weeks

Price: $249

What’s included:

  • 10 weeks of running programming designed around your weekly CrossFit WODs
    • 2 weekly group runs + 1 programmed solo run
    • Custom scaling in your daily CrossFit WODs throughout the 10-week program
  • Train with other runners! (helps with motivation on those early morning runs)
  • Find balance between disciplines to help you become a healthy and more durable athlete
  • Fast race finish!


E-mail coach Mary ([email protected]) if you’re down!


*If you’re interested in training for the full marathon, please contact coach Mary ([email protected])

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