Give 100, Get 100!

Hello CFK,

There’s a saying that says loudly and clearly “the only thing constant in life is change”. But we are creatures of habit. So, why change? Let us tell you our whys.

We recently teamed up with Evolve Marketing to collect your feedback on how to improve our community. Based on your input, our referral process is newly simplified. It is tailored to be convenient to the new client as well as current members.

The process is this – Instead of a bringing a friend for a free trial class, simply fill out the “Refer a Friend” form at the bottom of our website with their name and contact info, then your friend will receive a request to confirm that he/she wants to try us out, and we’ll contact them to set up a free 1-on-1 intro with Coach Reece!

In addition, we’ve changed the referral bonus (formerly $40 to the referring athlete). It is now “Give $100, Get $100”. When your friend signs up for a membership at CFK, you’ll both be rewarded with $100. It’s a way for you to give the gift of fitness to those special people in your life, and our way of saying thank you for believing in what we’re doing!


We’ve attached a “How To Guide” for our new referral process. If you have any questions, as always please do not hesitate to ask one of your Coaches.

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