Get Muddy!

What: Mudder’s Day Madness

Why: Proceeds benefit the Harmony Family Center, and organization close to the hearts of CFK’s own Garrett Family!

When: Saturday, May 13

Deadline to Register: Next week


Hey CFK’ers!

If you’re looking to get a little muddy for a great cause next weekend, head on over to the Mudder’s Day Madness registration page and get signed up for this year’s 5k!

Proceeds go to benefit the Harmony Family Center, a non-profit that does a lot of amazing things for children and families of Tennessee, and has close ties with CFK’s own Garrett family!

Donations to the Harmony Family Center can be made via their website. Here’s a short testimonial from Leigh Garrett herself!


Harmony Family Center at Montvale is a nonprofit and does amazing things for children and families of Tennessee.


I am very excited to be a volunteer for Harmony! Harmony works to help children, primarily foster children, who need homes get adopted. Then they help the adopted children and adopted families be successful through family counseling. Many of these children Harmony finds homes for have been taken away from their birth families due to sexual, physical abuse and neglect (Tennessee’s drug addiction problem is a primary reason the children are removed from the birth parents). The transition for the children to a forever home is very difficult for them and the adopted family. The counseling and support Harmony does for the children and families has an amazing success rate. 


I am so excited to work with Pam Wolf and her team to make Camp Montvale a reality for children and families. 


The vision of adding the camp, a sanctuary, for these children who have had such a troubled past, in addition to offering it to the community and other non-profit organizations for children, is an amazing gift. I have attached the poster and the sponsorship levels.”