You may have already heard some buzz about the new members to our team, so we would like to formally introduce you to our new Fit 3D body scanners!

The Fit 3D is the most accurate and comfortable body scanning technology outside of a clinically based Dexa scan.  With these scans we will be able to give you a full 3D scan of your body as well as measurements such as circumference, lengths, contours, surface areas, fat mass, lean mass, body fat percentage, BMI, resting metabolic rate, posture analysis, and much more.

By using this tool and these measurements, we can more accurately assess your current status, make necessary adjustments, and give you a more detailed road map to become the best possible you!  We can’t get to where we need to be if we don’t know where we currently are.

Every CrossFit Knoxville athlete will receive one complimentary scan and 30 minute consultation a year!  Cost for additional scans through out the year are $20 for scan only and $60 for a scan and 30 minute consultation.

We recommend Quarterly scans with coach consultations to keep you focused on your long term goals and to ensure you are on the right path. Monthly scanning can be useful if you are training for an event or dialing in your nutrition but scanning more frequently than monthly is never advised.

We currently have one system at our North location with one arriving West shortly!

To set up an initial scan with Coach Jonathan out North or Coach Scott out West, just click on their names and you will be taken to their booking pages!

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