Engine, Agility, & Quickness

A Program For Athletes! If you are an everyday athlete trying to live a your best life or play a specific sport, this class will focus on developing athleticism for off and on the field.
*This program is available every Tuesday: 6:30pm at our North Location!*

What is Engine, Agility, & Quickness (EAQ)?

Coach Stephen & CFK are excited to announce this hybrid course that combines some principals and work from the Endurance World and pairs it with SAQ (Speed, Agility, & Quickness). Combining the two practices into one class will allow athletes to develop skills and increase fitness / athleticism. Nobody has ever said, “gosh my aerobic engine is just too big, I’m just too fit.” Nor has anybody complained about being too agile or quick.
Even though Endurance and SAQ are often on two different ends of the broad time spectrum we have been acquainted with through CrossFit, you would be surprised at how they both truly complement one another and play hand in hand in someone’s athleticism.

Let's Answer Some Questions You May Have

So who is this class for?
Well the short answer is… EVERYONE, but let us get a little more specific. If you are someone looking to increase your overall athletic prowess (ability to move yourself through space, reaction time, resistance to injury) this class will serve you well. If you play a sport in school or in a club this class will cover drills and skills that are truly transferable to your sport and will increase your ability to perform in your sport.
How does this differ from regular CrossFit class? We already cover broad time and modal domains right?
Yes we do cover those but inside the scope of CrossFit. In EAQ we dive into some modalities and skill work we don’t normally touch in CrossFit. Let’s think of, change of direction (Lateral motion, forwards, backwards, and any other direction), foot speed, your ability to bound and jump, injury prevention, truly getting faster (sprinting and in a 5k+), among other skills.
So do we run every class or just do SAQ?
No, each class will have theme(s) so we can truly develop those skills. Such as change of direction, bounding, jumping, efficient running, running for speed, hand eye coordination, and so many more.
Do we lift in this class?
Some days yes and some days no. It really depends on the skill(s) we are working on those days. However, we will lift aiding in skill development.
Are there Metcons?
Again depending on the day. We will test different domains across broad time in order to increase your EAQ!

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