Endurance & Engine Lab at CFK

With Coach Stephen Wilk

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What is the Endurance & Engine Lab?

Performance driven training for Aerobic & Anaerobic Athletes

In it’s simplest form, Running is putting on a pair of shoes and hitting the pavement or trail.

For those who are looking to take their running & performance to the next tier; HS Athlete looking to PR or qualify for state, to the adult runner looking to get a bit faster than their last race, or the hybrid athlete (Obstacle Course Racing, CrossFit, ect..), our program is built for you! We take a multi-step approach to ensuring you reach your potential, prevent injury, & learn how to become a smarter athlete, so you can enjoy your chosen sport for years to come.

Our Approach:

Mechanics & Technique

Have you ever gone to run or finished a run and your muscles or joints are in pain (not soreness but actual pain)?

Our bodies are built for this stuff (pain should not be “normal” for runners) and our everyday lives and equipment choices can lead/cause us to lack the strength, technique, and mechanics needed to properly perform.

The advantage to proper Mechanics & Technique… Efficiency this means we can run smoother faster, use less energy per stride, and run the way our bodies are designed too.

Purposeful Practice & Drills

When we have an individualized plan of action based on your unique Movement Patterns & Technique… It is time to get to work!

At this step we take what we have learned about yourself as an athlete and implement a plan of action that will help you become the most efficient runner possible.

This includes drills and skill work to help with mobility, running form, and building lasting technique that becomes natural.

Perform & Analyze

Once we put together the plan of action and purposeful practice. It is time to Perform & Analyze!

Looking at how we perform is a great tool to develop the next phase of training. Training is a constant evolution. Our ability to evolve is key to future success. After a Test or Race day we look at what happened, we reflect, we analyze were to improve and grow.

We learn together and with each training cycle we have new opportunities to grow as athletes.

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