Don’t Stand In My Way

This blog is for all the people who are trying to stand in the way of my fitness.

I understand that I didn’t get out of shape overnight – but that each day I eat correctly is one step closer to being lean and healthy.

When I say I don’t want to try the cupcakes it is not a personal attack on you or your baking skills – I am trying to make a change in my life.

When I can’t eat the chicken teriyaki because it has soy sauce on it – I’m not being weird I just know what gluten does to my body and I’m making a conscious choice not to let that happen to me.

I’m not judging you for not making the same choices as me – I’m simply trying to make a change for me.

Stop telling me I look sick because I lost 30 lbs – I had 45 to spare and probably will still lose a few more.

My face looks different because I used to carry fat in my face – just like I used to carry fat around my waist and thighs.

Would you tell a world class sprinter or professional athlete that they look sick because you can see striations in their muscles or because they leaned out to get ready for the season?

Well my season is everyday.

I’m preparing for life and anything it may throw at me – playing sports, chasing the kids around the park or getting myself out of danger should it present itself.

I can do this because I am stronger, lighter and faster than the situation in front of me – please don’t try to guilt me away from this.

Let me show you.  I would love to take you to a workout, cook you a paleo meal, show you what books to read, what websites to visit, where to shop, what to buy or anything I can possibly do to help you make those same changes in your life.

I am willing to do this for two reasons:
1.  I care about you and want you to know you can make a change.
2.  I know the more people in my sphere that have the same goal, the easier it will be for me to eat healthy, train hard a few days a week and make good decisions.

Don’t hate on me, let me help you.  If nothing else, at least learn where I’m coming from and don’t let your insecurities project on your opinion of me and what I’m doing.

Do these words speak to you? Then you’re in the right place. CrossFit Knoxville will help you live out these statements daily – and with confidence. We have dedicated coaches to guide you through every step of bettering your life: nutrition, training, recovery and everything in between. Stop by a location today and take the first step to creating the best you.

We’ll see you on the other side of the bar.

my season is every day

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