Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, High Intensity
What we have been doing since 2008!

Our 60-minute CrossFit classes offer the opportunity to gain exposure to the widest degree of complexity, loading, and variance.

Workouts are highly varied in duration, format, and type. Each session will be different, and you need to be ready for anything!

The best way to know is to try it out! Choose a location below to get started and we will see you in class!

CFK West (Cedar Bluff)

You get 3 Classes to use within 7 Days to experience our community, classes, and schedule.

CFK North (Callahan Drive)

Crossfit Knoxville North is under new Ownership. For more information click below to their new Website.

CFK West Membership Options

Results come with consistency!

We have two Membership Options to best fit your needs.


Click above to CFK North for information on their membership options.

CFK Unlimited


  • Access to all CFK programs
  • Unlimited class check-ins
  • Month-to-Month auto-renew membership, no contracts

CFK Limited


  • Access to all CFK programs
  • 13 class check-ins per month
  • Month-to-Month auto-renew membership, no contracts

Real Results. Hear It From Our Members!

  • My lower back problems are (now) non-existent!

    From swimming, softball, and basketball to volleyball, track, and golf, I was always active. I even tried tennis until I inadvertently hit my Mom in the head with the racquet while we were playing doubles (she still reminds me about it). After I left h...

    Annette Brun

  • I feel like a true athlete for the first time in my life

    After working with a couple of personal trainers, I dropped about 60 pounds and 3 pant sizes. Sure, I had a smaller frame and could do burpees for days and jog my way through 7 half-marathons (and one full marathon!), but put a barbell in my hand and I’...

    Becca Bowen

  • I feel more alive and able to take on whatever comes my way.

    Mike: "When I started Crossfit my resting pulse was about 65, Triglycerides were a bit north of 300, and Total Cholesterol was 210. BP was ok at 115/70.  Now, six months on, everything has improved!  My doc was absolutely ecstatic and amazed at the i...

    Mike & Harriet Glassman

  • Bored with my own Routines

    I had always done my own thing in the gym and followed my own routines. I would workout on my own and stop when I felt like I had done enough. It was easy to become bored and inconsistent without the accountability. Coming to CrossFit, I was not sure a...

    Danya Cushing

    1 year(s) at CrossFit Knoxville

  • Phillip Johnson's success story

    I have lost over 50 pounds since I started at CrossFit Knoxville

    CrossFit Knoxville, had a huge impact on my life. I am stronger and healthier now than I was in college. I owe the positive changes to the great coaching and supportive members of CFK....

    Phillip Johnson

  • Gerardo “Gerry” Boquin's success story

    This year has been fruitful with lots of little victories.

    My Name is Gerardo AKA “Gerry” Boquin.  I joined Crossfit Knoxville about a year or so ago. During this time, I have learned a lot about myself, particularly about the things that I can and can’t do yet.  Part of the journey has been frustrati...

    Gerardo “Gerry” Boquin