CrossFit LiftOff

It’s the final event of the CrossFit year!  The LiftOff!


This is an opportunity to test your 1 rep max snatch, clean and jerk, and hit a classic CrossFit Metcon.   As is tradition, we won’t find out what the metcon is until the week of the event.


Friday, December 1st starting at 5:30 p.m.


This won’t be just your regular max out session!  We’ve invited our very own national level weightlifter Shannon Beasley to come in and talk about the mental game of weightlifting!  Not just how to be strong, but that it’s great to be strong!  What to do on days when your lifts just aren’t there?  How to approach PRs?  She is going to share some strategies with everyone, plus go over some fundamentals of weightlifting.



We’ll plan to start things up around 5:30, lift around 6, then start WOD heats around 7 or 7:15.


Feel free to register online at and see how you stack up against people around the world, or if you want we will be accepting donations to help Shannon Beasley go to the American Open Finals in Anaheim, California.