CrossFit Games Open 2022


Are You Ready?!

We are currently in full-blown Open prep! Haven’t you noticed the higher amount of volume lately? The number of workouts with rowing, biking, double unders, etc.? We are training for the Open which begins on February 24th!

The CrossFit Open happens once a year. It’s an opportunity where people from all over the world can compete against one another in a test of fitness for all age groups. Each week, for 3 weeks, Thursday nights will have a live announcement that will explain the workout, and then a couple of the sports top athletes will battle it out head to head. The Open then takes top-scored athletes on to the next stage of the competition which is the quarter-finals, then semifinals, and then finally the CrossFit Games, where the fittest on earth will be crowned.

Why You Should Do The CrossFit Open

Every year when the Open comes around, it brings a sense of community to the world of CrossFit. There is just something about knowing that you are doing the exact same workouts as everyone else in CrossFit during the weeks of the Open. Everyone, from the youngest teen athletes to games athletes, and even 65+, will be doing their version of the same workout, which is tapered to their division.

Open workouts are designed to be very challenging, so it is an opportunity to truly test your fitness, to show yourself how far you’ve come. If you’re into the competitive side, then it allows you to test yourself against others all over the world.

The CrossFit Open is a staple moment each year for the CrossFit community. Everyone can do it, just as everyone can do CrossFit. There will be multiple divisions: Scaled, Teens, Masters, Rx, and Adaptive athletes as well. There is nothing quite like your first CrossFit Open. For those who have been through it on numerous occasions, they will agree, the CrossFit Open is an opportunity you do not want to miss!



Steps You Can Take To Prepare

  1. Be Consistent. Try not to miss your workouts. The more consistent your training is, the more fit you will become, the better you will do with the workouts!
  2. Increase Your Technique & Efficiency. Efficiency is the name of the game, the best way to do that is to focus on your movement quality. The better your technique, the less energy you spend, the more efficient you become!
  3. Recover, Recover, Recover. You must recover from your training. Recovery is where you will get better, stronger, faster, etc. Be sure to sleep a lot, eat your protein, drink your water, and stretch often.
  4. Work On Your Weaknesses. If your weakness is mobility, then do more mobility. If your weakness is a skill, then practice that skill. If your weakness is your engine, then do more monostructural/cardio training.
  5. Reduce Your Self Criticism. The mental side of things is huge when it comes to performance. It’s good to have high standards, but if you constantly beat yourself up, then you’ll never be able to enjoy yourself. The open, while challenging, is also supposed to be fun and enjoyable.
  6. Register! (Let The Games Begin!)
  7. Take the Judges Course! If you plan to need a judge, be a judge! Judges count reps and ensure scores are counted up accurately. The Judges course will educate you on movement standards and qualify you to judge for the Open. You must take the CrossFit Judges course to be a judge for the Open. The cost is $10. Judges course registration link


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