David Glies

David Glies


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
  • USAW L1


Coach David is six years into his CrossFit journey, and discovered his passion for the sport after his junior year of high school following the end of wrestling season. With a background in wrestling, and also Olympic weightlifting, it was a natural fit for him, and gave him a chance to pass on his skill to help others. “Due to how much I enjoyed it, I wanted to learn all about it so I could teach all of my friends. Crossfit helped pull me out of a darker time in my life where I was battling depression and social anxiety, but due to the confidence it gave me working out, and the community, I was able to pull myself out of that dark time and my mental/emotional state got drastically better,” he says. “Realizing what it did for me, I figured it would be good for everyone, so I wanted to coach it, to help those who would have been in the same situation I was in, and some even worse. I knew that I wanted to help others the way that it helped me.”

David has a wealth of athletic experience. He has played hockey for eight years, wrestled for eight years, and played football for seven years. He did all of this after needing heart surgery as an infant – his parents were told he would never do much more than walk when he grew up. “Guess who’s doing a lot more than that now?” he says.

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