Brook McIntyre

Brook McIntyre

Coaching Intern


Brook has been involved in sports her whole life, playing everything she could as a child and excelling in field hockey as a high schooler. As a collegiate rower, Brook has competed at the Big 12 conference championships three times, earned silver in the Club 4 event at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, and won the single event at this year’s Head of the Hooch Regatta in Chattanooga by more than three minutes!

Aside from being a badass in a boat, Brook finds distinct passion in helping others, particularly women and girls pursuing sport.

“I know how much confidence, character growth, and joy sport has brought me and want others to have the same opportunity. I know the opportunities I have were not easily given and there’s still more girls and women who don’t have the same opportunities. The accessibility of CrossFit as a sport that offers equal prize money, and promotion of male and female athletes make me excited and represents how the everyday gym members are treated as well.”

You can check Brook out in many of the A.M. classes at either location as she wraps up her degree in Sports Management at the University of Tennessee. And, if you show up to her class on 2k Row day, you’re sure to hit a PR!

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