Blake Bohanan

Blake Bohanan

Coaching Intern


Blake’s fitness journey started in high school when a wrestling coach introduced him to structured strength and conditioning. Trying various methods of training in the years to follow, Blake found CrossFit and began training in the wee hours of the morning in his garage before work. The mixed modal style of training prepared him well for Spartan Racing, as he recently finished 5th in his age group in the 2019 Spartan National Championships!

Blake’s passion for helping others is clear from the moment he begins coaching to the time he puts on his scrubs and heads out to his “day job” in his rotations as a physical therapy student.

“I believe 100% that when someone takes ownership of their health, they are empowered to prevent chronic disease and live a much fuller life.”

When Blake isn’t in the gym, you can no doubt find him in the woods hiking or biking with his wife Meghan and newborn son, Ridge.


  • CF-L1

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