Blake Bohanan

Blake Bohanan


  • CF-L1


In addition to being a coach at CrossFit Knoxville, Blake is a physical therapist and owner of Shift Performance Physical Therapy.

“I always knew that I wanted a job where I had a direct impact on other’s lives. I also knew my strengths lied in analytical thinking and problem solving.”

Until his sophomore year in undergrad he thought these gifts would be used in the engineering field. It was about this time that he discovered Physical Therapy. Once he realized he could use his problem solving skills to help people find a way out of pain and back to living an active lifestyle, he never looked back.

Blake’s passion for helping others is clear, “I believe 100% that when someone takes ownership of their health, they are empowered to prevent chronic disease and live a much fuller life”.

When Blake isn’t in the gym, you can no doubt find him in the woods hiking or biking with his wife Meghan and their two small children, Ridge and Riverlyn.

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