Allyse Conner

Allyse Conner


  • CF-L1


Coach Allyse has been passionate about fitness since she was in middle school. She didn’t play all the school sports but she found at home workout videos and running in her neighborhood fun. She discovered exercise and eating right played a lot into her physical and mental well-being.

She finally started pursuing health and fitness as a certified personal trainer, then crossfit coach, and has not looked back. She really enjoys helping all types of people find their own love for fitness and making sure they know they are capable of reaching their goals. Even though Allyse is passionate about fitness and health she has struggled herself and knows first hand how hard we can all be on ourselves and she really wants to support and encourage anyone who has doubts about themselves. Allyse finds the CrossFit community important for success because you can find those special connections with your workout buddies that really change your inner self talk. She knows the community and support in the crossfit gym is what really changes peoples lives.
Allyse’s biggest goal is to live past 100 and being STRONG and HEALTHY is the only way she can achieve that! She is in this for the long haul!
When Allyse is not in the gym you find her hiking with Louis and their favorite dog in the world, Griffin, or taking pictures of her cats Croissant and Brulee.

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