Adrianna Felix

CrossFit Coach
Adrianna Felix


  • CrossFit Level 1


A former basketball player from the great state of Iowa, Adrianna found CrossFit in 2015 after taking time off from sports and exercise. Like with many CrossFit newbies, the movements were completely foreign to her, but she practiced and developed skills over time and became an excellent mover.

Her passion grew for not only her own development as an athlete, but in helping others find similar success.

“I started CrossFit never picking up a barbell or doing any type of physical activity. I was completely lost. I had amazing coaches throughout my time as an athlete and I learned so much. Coaching allows me to share the knowledge I’ve learned with others. Now, I am doing things I never would have thought were possible, and I get to share that with others!”

Seeing the successes of others fuels Adrianna’s spirit, and motivates her to be the best coach she can be everyday.

“I love seeing wins everyday. I get to see firsthand athletes improving themselves. It inspires me to see so much hard work. The people around me are changing their life and lifestyle and I get to help support that change. It’s incredible.”

When she’s not at the gym, Adrianna can usually be found hanging out at the race track, or in the great outdoors with her two pups, Remy and Ranger.

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