CFK Weekly: September 3, 2023

Labor Day Schedule 9/4/23

2 Classes: 8:00am & 9:30am @ Both Locations

2 Rounds for Time w/ A Partner

  • 300′ Goblet Walking Lunges (50/35)
  • 800m Run (Together)
  • 20 Wall Walks
  • 1000/800m Row

North Only: 2:00 – 4:30pm WL Open Gym with Wes

Programming Sneak Peek!


8:00 & 9:30am Classes only! Partner WOD listed above!


5 x 10 Deadlifts! Our 7 Min AMRAP will challenge you to get Max Reps!


9-15-21-27 of a couplet that will tax your Core with some work to be done after each round! Post WOD we will get our grip work on!


Alt EMOM of some Gymnastics Strength Positions. We will follow it up with a EMOM for Max Reps! (Great day for working on your Dubs!)


30 Mins- 1 Rep every 0:30 60 total reps.. can you make it the whole time with your weight?


30 Min Partner AMRAP! Break up the reps with your partner to save your grip and midline!

Like Playing Pickleball?

CFK members will have free play opportunities coming up! Chris Rothermel has recently purchased a facility and is inviting our community to come try it out! More details will be listed here!

Like Rowing? September 16th there is a local rowing competition on Concept 2 Rowers. CFK will have a team competing so if you want to cheer them on or get a team yourself. See Dave for more details!