CFK Weekly: May 7, 2023

USAW Weightlifting Meet ALERT!!

CFK will be hosting a USAW Meet 5/20/23!!

Info & Registration HERE!

Programming Sneak Peek!


Squat Cleans in a 21-15-9 that will turn into a bit of a grind but keep moving and chip away at the reps.


We are going to start with some hip and shoulder Strength/Stability. Then we are moving a DB and ourselves to get through the assigned rep. This one will be a shoulder burner!


You and a Partner have a distance to cover in this Pacer! Every 2 Min we will have a some work to do but keep yourselves moving!


Heavy 3 Deadlift! Then we have a EMOM that will utilize how we preformed on the Deadlift and see how consistent you legs can output across the rounds.


Heavy 10 Bench Press! Then it will be time to get meaningful reps and volume in! Choosing an appropriate scale if needed make a difference in this Chipper!


You and a Partner have work to complete. Trade off as needed and get the work done!

Murph Shirt Pre-Order!

*Shirts are Ordered from Veteran Owned local company 7five Clothing*

These shirts will be available for pre-order ONLY! Please order by the deadline 11:59PM – May 10th!


The shirts are Black with the print as shown above. If you would like to order multiple shirts, please submit multiple orders, 1 for each shirt. Shirts will be charged to the card on file once received from the printer. Price $20.00! Tax Included.

Speaking of Murph- Scroll down and find out how to will a 5.11 Tactical Vest!

Murph Prep Challenge!

This year we are celebrating and prepping for Murph all month.  Starting Monday May 1st we are running a daily challenge / competition leading up to completing Murph on Memorial Day Monday May 29th.

Here is how to participate…

  • Log running at least 1 mile every day, it will be loaded in Wodify to complete, but not a race for time.
  • Complete the daily Murph prep exercise, sets, reps, etc.  Also will be in Wodify and not necessarily for time.
  • Consume a minimum of 100oz of water daily, again tracked in Wodify.
  • Bonus, post a photo, with proof it’s you, of a healthy food choice made that day.  It can be a meal, food swap, no judgements made…do your best. (Tag CFK & post to our FB Group)
  • One point will be awarded for each of these completed, they will be calculated daily, no back tracking and adding later.

The person with the most points at the end of the month wins!  Wins what you ask???

A weight vest from 5.11 Tactical!

In the case of a tie, all will be placed in a hat and pulled at random

Nutrition Coaching with Coach Jody!

Curious about the Nutrition Program at CFK?  Coach Jody will be available following the 9am Community WODs to provide an overview of the nutrition program and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Saturday, May 13th at 9:45am – CFK West

Looking to Add Accessory Strength or Improve Your Cardio?


Coach Stephen has a program option for you!

CFK Build is 3 day a week Strength and Hypertrophy work designed around our weekly CrossFit programming.

CFK Endurance is a 3 day a week Running Program to build a better engine and get ready for you next 5k – 10k.

Each program is $15 a month added on to your monthly membership contact Coach Stephen for more details. [email protected]

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