CFK Weekly: May 28, 2023

Murph Schedule

-Monday 5/29-

One Class: 8:30am Both Locations – Group Start!

Have to work? We will be doing 6:30am Heat at West so you can pay tribute &  get your workout in!

Programming Sneak Peek!


Murph! One Class 8:30am Both Locations!


6×2 Building Strict Press! Then we are going to be doing Sets on the 1:30 When we want to move the weight fast to accumulate Cals on the Rower.


5x10ea Building Suitcase Deadlifts. Then we have 5 Rounds for Time that will challenge your posterior chain, working at a consistent pace though the rounds is idea here!


Heavy Back Squats! We are focusing on Squat Depth and Squat Mobility today so we can maximize your squatting potential.


6×3 Building Hang Power Snatches. Then a 21-15-9 that will test you core and grip!


Partner WOD with the Curtis-P Complex.


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