CFK Weekly, May 15, 2022

Programming Sneak Peek!

Let’s take a look at what this new week of opportunities has to offer:

Monday: DT vibes!

Tuesday: Fun with dumbbells!

Wednesday: A workout meant to be taken slow, but can be made to be tough!

Thursday: All the Snatch and Overhead Squat work!

Friday: Murph prep style workout!

Saturday: Saturdays are for partner workouts!

We have some really cool workouts this week!

Stay classy CFK,

Coach D, out!

Memorial Day “Murph”

Monday, May 30 | 8 AM | Both locations

Un-coached option at 5:30 AM – WEST ONLY (for anyone who cannot make the later time)

Coach Wayne on Pain and Exercise

Stop immediately associating exercise with your pain.

I agree with you that you may experience some lingering soreness for 48-72 hours post-exercise after performing 50-60 deadlifts in a workout.

However, many times we don’t consider the postures we adopt immediately following strenuous exercise.

You know that soup sandwich we collapse into after “3… 2… 1 Time!” is called?

Sound familiar?

We increase our vulnerability to altered postural habits when we are fatigued especially when our muscles and ligaments are warm!

That’s prime time for the body to be put in positions that may cause pain later in the day.

So don’t just worry about that flat back in the deadlift, but also worry about the posture you’re in after the lifting is done!

Wayne is always dropping knowledge on Instagram, so give him a follow! @strengthnerdfitness

COmmunity WOD Saturdays

Fitness is always more fun with friends! Our community WOD is happening on Saturdays at both locations at 9am. Bring friends and family! These workouts will be both beginner and veteran-friendly — challenging enough to get a good workout, but simple enough for anyone to join!

Have friends sign a waiver beforehand to save time!

Waiver Link

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