CFK Weekly: May 14, 2023

Murph Schedule

-Monday 5/29-

One Class: 8:30am Both Locations – Group Start!

Have to work? We will be doing 6:30am Heat at West so you can pay tribute &  get your workout in!

Not Ready to tackle it Solo? Let us help you find a buddy to get it done!

Put your name on this sheet & we will do our best to pair you up!

Programming Sneak Peek!


5×2 Push Press! Then we have a descending / ascending rep scheme that will challenge your to move through one and grind out another get your shoulders and legs ready!


EMOM for Reps today! The goal here is consistent repeatable efforts!


If you love moving a barbell today is your day! We have 3 different lifts with 1 lift every 0:30.


Partner WOD! You go, I go work through and round then cheer your partner on to get though some reps that will become challenging over time!


We are working some OH Stability to start your Friday off. Then we are going to be moving a Barbell through 2 different lifts that should be unbroken and fast to start. Can you hang on to you pacing will be the challenge.


Chasing Annie!

USAW Weightlifting Meet ONE WEEK AWAY!!

CFK will be hosting a USAW Meet 5/20/23!!

Info & Registration HERE!

Murph Prep Challenge!


This year we are celebrating and prepping for Murph all month.  Starting Monday May 1st we are running a daily challenge / competition leading up to completing Murph on Memorial Day Monday May 29th. The last day to get points will be Sunday May 28th.

Here is how to participate…

  • Log running at least 1 mile every day, it will be loaded in Wodify to complete, but not a race for time.
  • Complete the daily Murph prep exercise, sets, reps, etc.  Also will be in Wodify and not necessarily for time.
  • Consume a minimum of 100oz of water daily, again tracked in Wodify.
  • Bonus, post a photo, with proof it’s you, of a healthy food choice made that day.  It can be a meal, food swap, no judgements made…do your best. (Tag CFK & post to our FB Group)
  • One point will be awarded for each of these completed, they will be calculated daily, no back tracking and adding later.

The person with the most points at the end of the month wins!  Wins what you ask???

A weight vest from 5.11 Tactical!

In the case of a tie, all will be placed in a hat and pulled at random

Looking to Add Accessory Strength or Improve Your Cardio?


Coach Stephen has a program option for you!

CFK Build is 3 day a week Strength and Hypertrophy work designed around our weekly CrossFit programming.

CFK Endurance is a 3 day a week Running Program to build a better engine and get ready for you next 5k – 10k.

Each program is $15 a month added on to your monthly membership contact Coach Stephen for more details. [email protected]

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