CFK Weekly, March 27, 2022

Programming Sneak Peek!

Murph Prep? Lets talk about it real quick!

The CFK Murph Prep Guide will be released at the end of April. For now, if you want to start preparing, do each of the following once or twice per week in addition to class. Also, don’t forget to come out for Group Runs on Sunday!!

  • Accumulate 50-100 push-ups throughout the day
  • Accumulate 20-40 pull-ups throughout the day
  • Add a 400m-800m run to the beginning or end of your workouts

You will also start seeing Murph preparation in weekly programming!

Here is what you can look forward to this week:

Monday: 2 Rounds with a 17:00 time cap? Get ready for some volume!

Tuesday: Start your day with a Heavy 5 Push Jerk!

Wednesday: A 30:00 MetCon with built in rest! Stick around after class to get some Back Squats in!

Thursday: Get ready for something “Murph”-y!

Friday: All the snatches!

Saturday: Clusters for DAYS!

We have an awesome week ahead of us!

Stay classy CFK.

-Coach D.

First Group Run | April 3 | 8:30 AM | Victor Ashe Park | For more info, click here!

Save the Date! Women’s WOD ‘n’ Wine | Friday, April 29 | 7 PM | CFK West

Save the Date! Memorial Day MUPRH! | Monday, May 30 | 8 AM (both locations)

Coach David on Barbells for Beginners (or anyone who needs a refresher!)

It’s no question that a barbell can be daunting for first-time users. While it’s very well balanced by design, it is also quite awkward until you figure out the things it can be used for. It’s one thing to know the exercises possible through using the barbell, but it’s another thing to feel confident enough to do them, and do them well. The purpose of this article is to help any of you who are timid about using a barbell for the first time feel more confident about trying it out!

Start With The Basics

Begin with the easy stuff, basic movement patterns: squatting, hinging, pressing, and lunging. It is first important to know how to move your body on its own through space before trying to add weight.

Learn how to properly perform… Continue Reading

COmmunity WOD Saturdays

No Community WOD on Saturday, March 19. Come out for the CFK Games!

Fitness is always more fun with friends! Our community WOD is happening on Saturdays at both locations at 9am. Bring friends and family! These workouts will be both beginner and veteran-friendly — challenging enough to get a good workout, but simple enough for anyone to join!

Have friends sign a waiver beforehand to save time!

Waiver Link

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