CFK Weekly: March 26, 2023

Workshop Alert!!

On Wednesday, April 5 stay after the 4 o’clock class or be there early for the 5:30 class (5:00-5:30PM) to learn how functional breathing can improve your fitness, recovery, and overall health.

Zack Kramer, a local CrossFit Level 3 coach, will join us between these classes to lead a workshop covering breathing for CrossFit, why you should care about your tolerance to carbon dioxide, and how breathing correctly will help you avoid injuries in training.


Check below for other events coming up!

Programming Sneak Peek!


We have a fun Chipper to start the week! Get ready Wall Balls and bring shin protection, we are climbing ropes!


Heavy Single Clean & Jerks on the 2 Min! We will follow it up with an EMOM that see how well you consistently put up reps.


5 x 3 Front Squats… we are working our way down for a 1RM coming up! We will follow up with a Metcon that will have your legs feeling heavy working them all the way around.


Starting off the day with some core and skill work… it’s time to get inverted! Our Chipper will test your shoulder endurance!


5 x 3 Snatch Grip Deadlifts for strength! Then You and a Partner will be going you go, I go for ascending Snatch weights paired with a synchro movement!


This all around Pacer WOD will be a great way to cap the week off!

Calling all Runners!

Still time to sign up (5k up to Marathon & Marathon Relay Options) or plan to come cheer on the runners from CFK!! 2023 Knoxville Marathon is just 1 week away!

CFK is Hosting a USAW Certification Course!

April 15th – 16th @ North!

Contact [email protected] for more details

Speaking of Weightlifting….

CFK will be hosting a USAW Meet 5/20/23!!

More details coming soon!

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